Friday, 8 August 2014

Ge7 p£1d to br0.wse the w3b¡

I returned to the West on Monday afternoon late enough to not get out of bed for an indecent number of hours, but early enough to miss a visit by Robinson and Lovely to deliver some sweets as thanks for helping out at their wedding ("Here's an order of service, it's down the hall on your left, the toilet's over there, no I'm not a member of staff, I am a guest, honest..."). Fully aware that I was being covered, I wasn't expecting to do any work when I got back - nobody actually works in my job - but I most certainly was not expecting to be going home earlier than expected.

Four days earlier than expected.

In fact, I went home on Wednesday (narrowly catching my coach by a nanosecond due to the fact that, despite being in the station, I was reading Terra's World and had no idea that I wasn't actually on Fnrr), miles (if you can measure time in miles) before the Sunday my contract was due to finish, due to the fact that we'd all been very efficient and finished everything long before the projected end date.

So I got four days off on full pay and I'm effectively now getting paid to piss about at home, which is nice.

What did I do in my four or so weeks away? Well, surprisingly not much, actually. I didn't meet anyone since it was all on very short notice and everyone was busy with doing stuff since they actually have lives (a concept I'm having trouble grasping). Until I was moved into my own room I didn't really do any sexy stuff either - not that I'd have had sex there even if I could. But even browsing my favourite sites was rendered impossible by the ridiculously high barriers imposed by the company network.

Of course, now I'm downloading soft porn. But then again, I'm home.

Despite all that (anger-enticing posters notwithstanding), I really did enjoy my time there. Apart from anything else, there was a lot of space to breathe... and the air's much cleaner, I suppose, so breathing is positively encouraged. I did get injured more than once, I did have periods of intense boredom, the working bits were incredibly hard work, and despite practically crawling up a hill in order to get there multiple times a week, I gained weight again, so much so that I now look fairly hideous in any reflective surface... but I really liked the break from everything.

I read books. Lots and lots of books.

Anyway, now I'm back. Hello! Lovely to see you again, London.

Now back to the dirty stuff...

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