Sunday, 24 August 2014

Back in the saddle

Just two days ago I was asked if I would house-sit for a week or so; if you've been reading this blog for a year or so, you may recall that we did so for five weeks at a similar time last year. Although this is just one week, it's still nice to have a break from SH and dwell on my lack of money and uncertain future in a different location.

I recall making a lot of important discoveries last year in this most unlikely of locations. In a chat room I was directed to social porn GIF-scraping roulette The Worst Drug (I recognise this; it's from Russ Meyer's Up!). I joined the UK Sex Forum and then quickly stopped posting because I got bored with it. I discovered that not being serious can lead to sex, sugar condoms are probably not a thing, some people don't know slang, acting makes me horny, and my sister's best friend is an invaluable soundboard for advice.

Make a cup of tea and read all those, then come back here. Done? Okay, good.

And so here I am, netbook installed firmly in the same place as before and leeching off some WiFi which may or may not belong to the house (I'm not sure). I haven't discovered anything yet other than the fact that wearing stiff work clothes for three days in succession is a really bad idea - as is eating from the Indian restaurant down the road. But I am, to a point, relaxing; I'm taking things easier; I have a lot more space here than I do at SH; I'm sleeping more than I usually do, as well.

Frankly, it isn't quite as comfortable as it was last year - it's colder and I feel a little ill-at-ease right now - but, overall, considering what I got out of the experience last year and all, I do suppose this is a Good Thing.

Stick around. Any epiphanies happen and you'll be the first to know!

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