Thursday, 24 July 2014


There I was, minding my own business, when I noticed one of my clients absent-mindedly swiping away at her iPad. This wasn't new - she often has the thing open at meetings - although she usually uses it to take notes. Whatever she was doing, she certainly wasn't taking notes this time. It looked suspiciously like...

She's probably just changing word processors or something, I told myself. Those cartoons - at least, I assumed they were cartoons - must be a background and she's taking a quick break from taking notes. I mean, my hand is tired; hers must be too, right?

I edged a little closer to her to see if I could sneak a peak. I mean, if she's not going to be paying attention, she may as well not be in the room. There's a perfectly nice reception area for her to go and play Minecraft in. I was almost steeling myself to tell her this when I noticed what was actually on her screen.


There was no mistaking it, even from a cursory glance. There isn't any other genre that places cute manga boys in compromising positions with other cute manga boys. And, as a clincher the title bar (of what, I now realised, must be a web browser) read YAOI WORLD 18+ in capitals, so I'm fairly sure that's what she was looking at. And, I noticed, the female client next to her, as well.

I scuttled away. I'm not against anyone looking at that stuff, of course, but I wasn't sure it was appropriate - I'm not even sure what "appropriate" is these days, so that wasn't a good start. I wasn't about to go and tell her to leave the room, else she'd ask why, and I'm not sure "you can't look at yaoi when you're meant to be taking notes" is a sentence I ever want to say in any context whatsoever. Indeed, before yesterday I wasn't even aware I'd ever have the opportunity to say such a thing.

The meeting finished and I was in a quandary as to what to do with this incriminating information. I was on the verge of telling my boss, but then what would that achieve? We would most likely lose a client, and it would be me that got her into trouble. Myself too, actually, as I should have said or done something. Or asked her not to use an iPad in the first place. We've got notebooks. I kept schtum, hoping she wouldn't do so again in our next meeting. But, I realised, I needed to tell someone. Apart from you, of course.

Eventually, once I made sure that my boss was out of earshot, I 'fessed up to my colleagues over dinner than night. And everyone laughed.

Well, once I'd explained what yaoi is.

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