Saturday, 12 July 2014

Any Questions?

"So what do you like to do?" I asked a new client, inspecting her as if looking over a pince-nez. In fact, if I had a pince-nez, I would have been looking over it. As it is, I don't even wear glasses.
"I read a lot of books," she said with a brave attempt at a smile. "Like, a lot of books."
"So do I," I admitted. "What type of books?"

There was a pause.

"I read a lot of fantasy adventure." It was a confession. But I encouraged her with a smile. "Trilogies, really, or longer series, like, like... uhm..."
She faltered for a minute. "Harry Potter," she almost whispered.
"That's no bad thing," I said. "I love Harry Potter. What about The Hunger Games?" I prompted.
"Oh yes," she ejaculated with more enthusiasm. "I love The Hunger Games, but I saw the films before I read the books. I've got a Mockingjay pin, but..."
"You're not wearing it now," I interrupted.

I'd already scanned her neckline. Around it she was wearing a fire symbol which looked vaguely familiar - not a Mockingjay.

"What's that?"
"This?" She held up the metal symbol. "It's the symbol for Dauntless."
"Are you Dauntless?"
"I don't know," she said. "I'm Divergent."
"I think everyone is, up to a point," I said. "But if you had to choose, what would you choose?"
"What about you?"

I paused. For a while, I'd been the one asking questions. But now she'd asked me one.

I really like answering questions. I'm not good at asking them. I'm not really good at asking anything, really, but I love answering questions - it allows me to show off my knowledge as well as add a dash of ill-deserved egocentricity. Especially if the question's about me. But then I've read a lot of books and talked to a lot of people. And I've answered a lot of questions. And - thinking about all that while I relished the chance to answer one more question, having already shown that I know exactly what she was talking about - I already had the answer.

"Erudite," I grinned at her. "As I'm sure you'll find out."

Now ask me a question.


hornygeekgirl said...

Love when you can bond over books.

What Hogwarts' house do you think you'd be in?

Innocent Loverboy said...

Ravenclaw - for the same reasons I'd be in Erudite.

More? I've often puzzled over which house I'd be in. I'd put my dad in Ravenclaw, since he has a sharp mind and quick wit. My mother would be in Hufflepuff, since she's loyal and friendly, but a bit irritating and fake at times.

My sister is much more difficult to place - she thinks she's in Ravenclaw (and Pottermore says so), but I'm more inclined to think she's a Slytherin - since she's ambitious and a little concerned with status.

There aren't any Gryffindors in our family. The closest I'd think would probably be me, actually - I wouldn't say I'm physically brave, but I stand up for what I believe in. Ultimately, it's up to the Hat to decide, though, and it put me in Ravenclaw - and I'm perfectly happy with that!

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