Friday, 16 May 2014

Fiction: Moon

The summer had been a scorcher, and I lay supine on a lounger staring at the moon. A Chinese paper lantern's twinkling light added another star to the sky while somewhere, in the distance, a shout of laughter made its presence known. Drunken or otherwise, I didn't mind, really. It served only as a reminder of where I was.

"The moon's bright tonight."

I hadn't heard her coming. But I wasn't too surprised to have someone chance across me. I didn't think that I would be particularly incongruous, shadowed as I was in the gathering darkness, but she did in all fairness spot a boy lying on a sun lounger looking at the ducky sky above. In the middle of a camp site. Alone.

I couldn't place the voice. It wasn't someone I knew well. Someone from one of the other camps, perhaps? Whoever she was, she was certainly talkative.

"Although the moon isn't really bright," she continued to herself, "it just reflects the light from the sun."

I'd love to know what goes on in that head of hers.

"You saved me the trouble of pointing that out," I offered as a murmur, still not taking my eyes off the moon. "So... thank you for that." At which I heard a small snap. Initially I placed it as a log on one of the fires in the nearby tent circles. It seemed a safe assumption. Although the fact that I wasn't correct didn't seem to matter, as the next sound - something I can only describe as flump - was unmistakeable. Clothes falling on grass. Quite why I recognised that so quickly, I've no idea. I don't think I wish to know.

"I like being correct," she said, the words almost falling out of her mouth into the balmy night air.

I didn't say anything. I didn't need to. She was closer now - almost too close. I was idly wondering exactly how much she had taken off, but didn't remove my gaze from the surface of the moon. My hands were busily fiddling with my zip, but I didn't need my eyes to look anywhere else. I wouldn't have been able to see, anyway; the moon wasn't that bright.

"Do you?" she pressed.

As she said so, I felt it. The slightest touch of warmth, not from the sultry air pressing over Essex, but from something altogether different. Wet and soft and... human. It caressed the tip of my cock and stayed there. At this point, I did want to look down - but kept resolutely staring upwards. How had she seen what I was doing? How had she timed, exactly, the moment at which I would have pulled it out from my pants and exposed it to the air, as I was sure she had done herself? I wasn't expecting it to go any further.

Casual nudity, I suppose.

"I don't like being wrong," I answered, finding my voice after what seemed like an aeon searching for it.

"Is this wrong?"

And I suddenly felt her spread open as she lowered her body down onto me - effortless, smooth, easy. I wasn't aware that she'd even be aroused. But here she was, wet enough to ease the whole of my shaft inside her with barely a hint of discomfort. From the way her sex contracted around me, her inner walls moulding themselves around my shape, and the fact that she was adjusting her body in a businesslike manner, you would think we had spent more time together than half a conversation in the dark.


And she shifted forwards as I timidly placed my hands on her sides, feeling bare skin.


I felt her doing what seemed like the shadow of a ghost of a bounce. Just a little one. but full of intent.


And with that, she rocked forwards, and I saw her face right in front of the moon, obscuring my view for the first time. Sheets of curly red hair cascaded down over her shoulders. Eyes sparkled continuously with a mischievous grin unfurling on her face, complementing them perfectly. The moon cast a halo around her head - positively angelic, perhaps. Given the situation, anyway. And she was, wonderfully, completely naked.

Pinned under her body, I could only lie back and do the best I could, hoping my lounger would take the strain. It didn't disappoint, as she started to ride me, picking up the pace but never missing a beat of the rhythm she was creating. I steadied her, my hands on her sides and holding onto her thighs, cupping her breasts, feeling for her bum - all wonderfully bare, curved, and there for me to find. My cock twitched and pulsed inside her, feeling completely enveloped with no way (or will) to be anywhere else. All the time trying not to make any noise, lest it carry to one of the nearby camps.

That was the hardest part.

She continued merrily bouncing on me for a few minutes until I suddenly felt the strain. I would have warned her with a look, but it was dark. I made do with squeezing her hand; an inadequate warning, perhaps, but it was all I could do before I throbbed, bucked, yelped, and shot rope after rope of cum deep inside her - unable to stop for a while, as she - forgetting all pretence - let out a low, long, guttural moan, which I'm sure at least someone must have heard.

A sigh, a noise, a movement. She lifted herself off me, my cock sliding back out of her as easily as it had gone in. I heard a giggle, a rustle as she picked up her clothes, the soft padding of feet against grass receding into the distance... and she was gone.

I lay there with my world slowly readjusting into focus. A second Chinese paper lantern lazily flew by, catching my eye for a second or two... and the light of the moon continued to smile down at me, indulging my every moment.

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