Thursday, 8 May 2014

Bathe in the waterfall

Over the last week I've started working full-time. As if I didn't work full-time anyway. Since January 2013 I've been working from 9am to 12:30pm every day with constant requests for more hours... not because I want to do any, however; I just need the extra money. These requests have not been filled until this week; I'm now doing the same job for another company in the hours I had free.

At least I thought they were free.

I'd completely forgotten, it seems, what full-time work felt like. Having been staying in Central London until four every day and then commuting back means that I don't really get home until it's nearly six, which I suppose is meant to be kind of average. It just doesn't work for me at all. I'm finding myself home with absolutely no energy, no will to do anything of any particular worth and, crucially, no time in which to do it. Before I know it, it's 10pm and all I can think of doing is going to bed.

Not to have sex, shockingly. To sleep.

Not having sex as much as I could/should/would-if-I-could-stay-awake is having an odd effect on my brain. I find myself slipping into things which aren't quite daydreams and aren't really fantasies: just rumination on a single word or phrase or picture which I either find sexy, or shouldn't find sexy but do. So I was both pleased and a little disturbed to find myself having an incredibly vivid and explicit picture in my head last night when I settled down in bed for a nap (yes, a nap) after getting back from work.

I know what female ejaculation looks like. I've seen Cytherea's videos. I've never seen a real-life "squirt", but then again, there are other ways of experiencing orgasm and I'm quite adept at identifying one. I've talked before about the "spreading" sensation that I've felt while giving oral sex and knowing what that is, and often there's a vocal cue (there certainly is with my current girlfriend!) which identifies the start (and continuation) of an orgasm too. But yeah, I know what a squirt looks like.

I also know what it's like to incite orgasms through giving oral sex. TD didn't even like to have sex until I'd licked her to orgasm at least once first. Rebecca kind of liked it, Catherine couldn't stop once I'd started, and snowdrop almost shot me in the face with the tampon she was wearing.

So with that delightful image in your mind...

The image I had yesterday evening was incredibly vivid and it combined the two above elements (as if you hadn't guessed by now). It was in the first person and I was giving a girl oral sex to orgasm. The orgasm itself was certainly a full squirt. It just, you know, wasn't meant to be quite so full.

Because it went everywhere.

I was drenched, the bed was sodden, there were bits on the carpet... on the walls... on the ceiling. I remember my dream-self almost cessating sexual activity entirely in order to go and find a cloth from somewhere. (Almost. I had sex with the girl afterwads and her vagina was certainly wet enough.) I'd certainly like to elicit a squirt some day, but perhaps not Hydro Pump... why did I have that image?

I don't know. But it certainly got me thinking... any of you squirt?


C said...

I do. It's messy and embarrassing.

Innocent Loverboy said...

That's what most people have said so far...

I think the mess would be the main worry. During sex, embarrassment is all part of the experience, I think!

C said...

Luckily, the guys who have managed to do it (which, is all of them, it takes less than 5 minutes) all seem to love it/feel proud of themselves.

Ruins beds though, and having to keep a towel nearby is...a mood killer? I'd love to have control over it.

Alexis Redwood said...

That's quite messy but can be an indicator of how much a girl like me is enjoying. I can't remember I have tried squirting during my orgasm as I lose my mind whenever I feel it. LOL