Friday, 25 April 2014


Do I roleplay?

Yes, you guessed correctly... I am referring here to actual roleplaying; the kind where you play a character in a fantasy world, usually effected through rolling dice, stats and scores, combat and treasure. As for roleplaying in bed... well, I've done it, not that I like it. I'm not overly confident with my sexual partner having sex with somebody else - and as the son of an actor, I know all about getting into character!

In any case, why, yes, I do roleplay. Before you ask, no, I don't LARP. I occasionally cosplay, but that - to me - is little more than fancy dress. I used to do - when I was at school - the traditional tabletop die-rolling RPG: AD&D if we are naming names, with me as the DM putting my players (Robinson, Lightsinthesky, Einstein and his brother and another one) through the wringer - "I don't care if you're a dwarf, you've failed your dexterity check; now sustain the damage from falling into the lava and get your arse out of there!" - once every school half term. Warhammer was a thing for a while, too, although I never actually played much - and, when I did, I lost. But then again, I collected Goblins.

With the exception of a touch of Munchkin here and there since, I don't really roleplay as much as I used to. It's not something I got the chance to do at university, since we didn't have a society... and as much as I enjoyed switching between NPCs as a DM, most of the fill I got was via consoles - I was a massive whore for the Zelda series until Wind Waker, which put me off. Fire Emblem kept me entertained and Pokémon perhaps too much so, and I've also had a go at the Final Fantasys now and then - completing VII once and Mystic Quest about four million times.

Is that really roleplaying? I think so, in a sense. But I'd rather scoot Mario around, given the choice.

However, there's one thing that still gives me the massive sense of heady achievement that roleplaying is meant to provide.

I roleplay on a forum. It's not quite the same pace as the IRC roleplaying I used to so, I will grant you... but, then again, I roleplay on a forum, which allows me the chance to sit and reflect on what my character's doing, thinking, saying, constructing incredibly complex posts, often pages at a time (something I posted today, which I've been wanting to do for a while, racked up 986 words and took about half an hour to write), continuing the stories while packing in as many pop culture references and moderate anachronisms as I can. How else, then, could I say I've jumped onto the head of a massive demon and slain him with my sword? Met a girl who can fly? Visited far off lands without meaning to? Saved a drowning wizard?

I like it. I like roleplaying and I like what I do. It gives me the kick to write, the spark of imagination that I sometimes lack. But if I can start writing on that forum, then I can start writing here as well. There's not really much to say right now - apart from the fact that I had a dream about my penis being large enough to touch my chest... but hey, that's just my average Thursday night.

But I like writing to roleplay and I like writing to blog, so here I am. Writing.

I hope it works, at least.

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