Wednesday, 30 April 2014


sometimes i need mad sex like i have no control over my body sex the sort of i need you and i need you now sex and maybe you need me too sex

the definitely you need me too sex the are you as crazy for me as i am for you sex the confirmation the union the reunion the explosion and all that comes in between our bodies are together and everything else too everything that comes with it the creak of the bedsprings the noises you make the smack smack smack of our bodies as we come together over and over and over again

there is nothing there is nothing except you you are all that there is and i am there inside you you envelop me and there is nothing i can do except become part of you you complete me as i physically complete you

sometimes if you need me so much that makes me need you too and there is all the sex all the sex in the world is in our bed it is inescapable i am in the world inside my head, inside my heart, inside my pulsing erect cock as it erupts over my body and leaves its warmth and i slide away into somewhere which isn't anywhere

and this is how i feel during sex

and you?

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