Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Booster Gold

I noticed both @dirtylittlew and @girlonthenet tweeting this morning about a Belle de Soir article on the new app Nipple, by which you can "track" your sex life, revealing what you do as a handy circular graph you can, I presume, print out and stick on your wall like people at university (allegedly) do. It'd be a handy form or foreplay, showing off your shag chart.

Emma Whispers wrote a pretty comprehensive review of the product for anyone having thoughts, but while you're here, may I suggest a different option?

You will need the following:

Then every time you have sex, you can do this:

I'll admit, this isn't entirely my idea. It's something I picked up from someone Rebecca once knew at school. Rebecca, it must be pointed out, went to an all-girls' school, so I don't know how true this is. I've never set foot in one of those places (apart from once for a dance class; it was in Manchester... this is a story for another time, perhaps).

In any case, the girl in question, who was about 15 or 16 at best guess, had a fiancé. Apparently. And they had sex a lot... allegedly. Which led to rows upon rows of gold stars appearing in her homework diary - once, according to Rebecca herself, there were no less than five stars in a single day. This is, of course, possible - just a little difficult. Mind you, when I was in my late teens I managed to have sex a few times within any given 24-hour period, so yeah... yeah.


I don't use this method. Honest. I really don't. I care to take a guess as to when I last had sex, so it makes me seem a little less like a fail. Nevertheless, it's still a workable system. And it's a little better than the alternative Rebecca herself came up with...

...she used a dedicated uJournal. The word she used to indicate sex? "Meh."

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