Monday, 17 March 2014

The Great ILB Birthday Book Giveaway

[DISCLAIMER: This giveaway competition thingy is over. Thanks to everyone who posted and sorry if you weren't picked out of the hat! Blondieboo3, you won - I need an e-mail address or a Twitter @ for you if you want to claim your books!]

I accidentally (and it was an accident!) made reference to the fact that it was my birthday this morning on Twitter - and, since then, I've been flooded with good wishes from all and sundry. Thank you all, ever so heartily- I didn't even realise anyone liked me at all, never mind this much.

Anyway, before Eroticon I went through my boxes of STUFF underneath my bed, and as a result, I have unearthed from the STUFF a fair collection of unopened books - mostly erotica I have duplicate copies of, and miscellaneous other sexy books.

So I'm giving them away for my birthday!

I have three sets of two books each to give away. If you'd like me to enter you into my fair and impartial (I'll close my eyes and jab with a pencil) competition, then just leave a comment in this post and you may be in the running for getting books!

Disclaimer: one, this ends on Friday because it needs to have an end date; two, if you win, you're going to need to send me your address. I'll destroy it afterwards (the address, not your house), but if you're not okay with that, either don't enter or find some other way to claim your prize.

Okay? Got it? Good! Comment! BOOKS!


cjforrest said...

Ooh, count me in :-) not allowed to buy books, but 'winning'...

Sati said...

Not sure whether to comment, and risk winning books that I probably won't have time or energy to read and review (and will feel guilty if I win them and then don't) or not comment, and ignore your birthday. Commenting won out - so happy birthday, dear ILB! May it be full of all the things you fantasise about. Brightest blessings to you and Jilly.

(And I really must start following you on Twitter, although I'm not there much. Is your handle @innocentloverboy ? Or @ILB ? Or something else entirely ?

Oh, never mind - I just saw the link. D'oh, I left my brain back in class today.)

Innocent Loverboy said...

Thanks, Sati - I got notification of your follow last night. @innocentloverboy was too long for the 15-character limit, and @ILB was already taken, hence @innocentlb, which I'm now using as a username in several places.

I'm really annoyed wasn't available when I registered for GMail - hence "" - but that's my fault for not getting in early and registering an e-mail address, I suppose!

With regards to books, I may as well add you to the draw if I don't get a lot of entries, but we shall see! One of the books is mine, and I'm pretty sure you'd like to read that...? Right...?

aislinnoc said...

Books? Books are good!
Incidentally, belated birthday wishes to you! Hope you had a good day!

Blondieboo3 said...

I love books! Thanks for the chance to win :)

Anonymous said...

Yes please! I want to enter. I love books. Happy belated birthday.


swallow said...

ooh, books! i hope i'm not late to the party!