Saturday, 15 March 2014

Mistress Palm

My girlfriend likes to hold my penis.

Okay, I should probably justify why I'm saying that. In fact, yesterday she herself wrote a post about her positive feelings towards fellatio, and that often starts with a penis in a hand - which she also mentioned. But I'm not talking about that.

There's also "the grasp" - that thing that one does (or one's other one does) to a full and erect penis when it's hard and in need of some attention. The position of the fingers, the feeling of the warm flesh against the palm and the low, sensual throb if you're paying attention... yeah, that's a good feeling. It never fails to get me aroused - I am, for whatever reason, fascinated by my own cock. But I'm not talking about that either.

I'm talking about the times when I'm flaccid and she just... holds me.

We all have our methods of security. I've seen those who suck their thumb. Play with their hair (when I had long hair, I used to chew it - yeah, I was weird as a teenager; weren't we all?). Put hands in pockets. I myself have the habit of putting a finger in my own belly button and taking solace in the sound of sirens. There are those moments - there always are - where there's something you do, perhaps without realising or without any rhyme or reason, which brings you some sort of comfort, security, or serenity. It can be primal. Using your body. And it may seem weird to anyone else, but it's your thing.

For my girlfriend, it's holding my cock.

Obviously, I don't mind this. But I don't feel it as such a sexual thing as it could be. (Although, y'know... it could be.) I'm perfectly okay with my girlfriend touching my cock, but it doesn't always have to lead to sex. Sometimes it doesn't. There's a reassurance there, however, in the fact that she feels safe enough to be able to hold my penis without feeling she has to go any further. It helps her, she has said, feel grounded. Stable. Through the simple act of penis in hand.

It's the little things in life.

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Anonymous said...

Wish my wife did that. You're a lucky man.