Sunday, 23 February 2014

Simultaneous lovin', baby

I hadn't taken part in a 69 for a long time.

In fact, I wonder why it's called a 69. The numbers, when typed out, aren't really an accurate depiction of the act. ♋ is too hard to pronounce (in that it doesn't have a pronunciation, really; I'd just term it "Cancer sign," which has other, more ominous, meanings) and "simultaneous oral sexual gratification" is a bit of a mouthful [insert 'mouthful' pun here], as well as sounding a little too clinical to be sexy [insert 'doctor/nurse roleplay' pun here]. But I think we all know what a 69 involves.

Even if you haven't done it.

Don't be so quick to judge when I tell you I, with my absolute unfettered love for oral sex, hadn't taken part in a 69 for a considerable amount of time. I can't actually remember the last time I'd done so. I was told by Esque that one needs to be somewhat flexible in order to do so, unless there's a considerable height difference. What with my first girlfriend, who was about half my height, that wasn't particularly difficult. But that was years ago. I digress.

Anyway, last night...

We'd worked it out pretty quickly. Her head was lying on my thigh, which gave her a good enough vantage point for her mouth to be able to reach the head of my penis. She was, if you will forgive the imagery, working very enthusiastically, the sensitivity causing little electric pricks to shoot up my spine. It was difficult for my legs to hold still. But then again, it usually is. I may have an insensitive cock at the best of times, but this... this was different.

At the other end of the bed, propped up on an elbow, my head was between her thighs, which were themselves splayed open through the grace of God and incredibly good positioning work on our part. Approaching her crotch from the side made everything more accessible to me, and my tongue could reach her engorged clit, her wet labia, her opening, even her perineum. I was spoilt for choice, really, so as she continued to suck me rhythmically, I alternated between flicking my tongue on her clit, licking backwards and forwards rapidly, and burying my whole face there when I had no idea what exactly to do. (Which, it turned out, I did a lot. She didn't seem to be complaining.)

One preoccupation I have about 69ing (if that even is a verb) is that there may be a lack of communication. You can't really see each other's faces, and in any case, where oral sex is concerned your mouth is otherwise engaged, so you can't really talk. When one person is giving oral sex to another, at least the recipient can verbalise what's working and what may not be, or at least make sounds like "oh!". But I was surprised, to be honest, at how much communication there was. Okay, so we both had each other's genitals in our mouths, there's got to be some amount of relation going on there! We reacted, however, with our feet, our bodies, and the sounds of skin against sheets, rather than anything else... but it worked.

However, the thing that I most enjoyed was how... close it all felt. It wasn't just mouths and blood-engorged genitalia. There was a general entanglement of legs, arms, feet, hands, faces and torsos. We were wrapped up in each other - just how these things should be, to be honest. After the day we'd had, nobody could begrudge us a little mutual gratification, surely?

And it certainly made her wet enough for the sex afterwards...

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