Friday, 3 January 2014

Silver Sandman

My dreams often take things that happen over the Internet and turn them into real life events. I've always said that communicative methods - such as IRC, our dear departed MSN and its usurper Skype - are a more valid way to talk to people than a lot of people give them credit for, and (of course) this now includes Twitter.

This, in some cases, allows me to "meet" people who, for various reasons, I either haven't seen too much, or have never actually met - but have communicated with online. This includes members of the community mentioned here, strangely enough, people who I don't have a visual picture of who I've only ever talked to via IRC. In some cases, my brain brings up people who I have met and like, but haven't seen for far too long. What may usually happen via a chat window thus happens IRL(ish), leading to some of the best, but by far the most bizarre, dreams I've ever had.

The other night, I found myself sitting on a large bed with Jilly. This may not be an unusual situation, all things considered, but we were having a conversation with Silver (aka Bad Kitty) about all and sundry. He was, also, on the bed, which was clearly the cool place to be. This was the online conversation, by the way - there was no physical contact involved.

That is, until Bunny appeared magically out of nowhere. Her I haven't seen for a long time. Silver, ever helpful, identified his fiancée in a shot - "Hey, it's Bunny," he said. Very profound.
Mind you, my reaction wasn't particularly erudite, either. "Kiss her." I think that was about it.

Silver took my advice, however. It wasn't just a peck on the cheek or a greeting snog. He leapt - there is no other word for it - from his sitting position right on top of her, and there certainly was a kiss. An incredibly passionate, enthusiastic one, at that. Possibly loss of clothes - it looked like that sort of kiss. And with that I was pleased... meaning that I not only approve of this relationship, but my brain does too, enough to elicit a dream kiss/possibly-leading-to-sex-but-I-can't-remember.

What was Bunny's reaction? Well, her mouth was occupied. But she gave me a thumbs-up. And I think we all know what that means.


Bunny said...

Love it. Love everything about it. And I can almost guarantee that if we were on the bed kissing like that that we totally shagged after the kissing. :)

What fun!

Innocent Loverboy said...

I should be highly disappointed if you didn't! Also probably a little disappointed that I didn't remain asleep long enough to see the further result...

...a little. I'm not that much of a voyeur.