Saturday, 11 January 2014


It's come to my attention, although I'm not sure if it has yours (although I have no idea who you are, so it may not have done), that not a lot of sex-bloggy stuff has happened recently. Despite all indications to the contrary, and that also makes no sense, so I'll attempt to justify what I've just said.

What I mean, in a rather contrived way, is that not a lot of sex-blog-related stuff has happened to me. The Eroticon bandwagon is chugging away and I, for one, am excited about this one, despite the fact that some drama may have possibly happened and then been averted quickly and humanely. And what with planning the whole thing - hotel, travel, discussion of sessions and speakers and all - there's certainly that to look forward to. Readings (on February 7?), meetups (as and when) and drinks (the day before Eroticon, so I'm not sure if that counts) all satiate the palate a little, but it's not much.

Although I've picked up the pace on having sex more regularly, so yeah, that's... well, that's fricking brilliant, actually.

My brain has been reminding me regularly that I'm a sex blogger in my dreams, although that's no unusual thing: one a few nights ago involved suddenly getting a sub from somewhere (weird considering I'm not a Dom, you don't just "get" one, I was with my friends at the time and her name was Suki; I don't know anyone with that name, so why it would be in my mind I've no idea!) - with whom no sex happened - and last night's also involved being with friends, although we were on a protest against the Coalition Government's cuts and I was being very free and easy with my identity as a sex blogger.

Oh, and Russell Brand was there and he was possibly having sex with one of my friends. Or maybe that was Robin Thicke. I forget which. Minor detail.

Why is there a dearth of blogger activity, in my mind? I don't know. I certainly haven't been writing as much as I could/should. And, notably, a lot of the sex blogs I read have had a lack of new posts. It's a slow period, of course, what with people having had the festive period and the January blues. And although I've been as active as I can with reading and commenting on blogs, it's sometimes difficult to do when there's not too much to comment on.


February has always been the pick-up period in my experience. What with Eroticon on the horizon (it's not the only thing, but it helps) and the fact that a new year's underway and you can't stop it no matter how hard you try, once the year gets going, blogs start getting updated more and more. At least, that's the theory. I think it kind of works, right?

In any case, I'm going to play my part. More posts are forthcoming. I shall, for want of a better word, force myself.

Or I may have to get a sub after all.


Anonymous said...

I totally pictured you with a Veggie Delite from Subway when you mentioned the 'sub'... I don't know if that says something about you or me, ha.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Actually does say something about me, seeing as how that is my favourite Subway sandwich and always has been!