Saturday, 25 January 2014

Do you like legroom?

In between my first and second year at university, I returned to my bedroom over the summer holiday. It had an interesting Guantánamo Bay feel to it, completely bare of wallpaper and (in some sections) carpet, on account of the fact that my parents had stalled halfway through redecorating (having appropriated my old room for themselves) - although the nest time I saw it it was, as my sister so eloquently put it, "fuckin' amazin'".

I enjoyed being back in my room. A bit rustic though it may have been, it was a bigger space than the box-sized room I'd had in hall at university, and living at home, I got to take advantage of both the things I'd left behind and my dad's tea-making skills. Lack of a desk, though, meant that I didn't really have anywhere to use my computer, and so I have jumbled memories of putting my laptop on the floor of the living room, lying on my belly to type, as well as propping it up on the kitchen table, having it on my lap while sitting on the sofa and (most often) just having it open on the end of my bed.

One of the things I remember most about this was the problem and solution of masturbating to porn on my laptop while both myself and said device were on my bed. I had the volume adjustment down to a fine art (there was a little dial on my laptop, actually, very useful for quick volume change), there just wasn't a lot of space; it was a single bed with enough room for one ILB and I wasn't keen on ejaculating over my laptop.

In any case, I do remember how I solved this, and it required CONTROL.

On this occasion, I was sitting cross-legged watching something quite unlike me to watch: hardcore, starring Japanese AV idol Kaori Shimizu. I was, in fact, watching something called "Leg Fetish Volume One", although I wouldn't say I have a leg fetish, really: it was just easy to download and quite pretty. I squinted at the low-resolution depictions of "THE EROTIC STORY OF GIRL LEG 2" and so forth, and after about 45 minutes of intense frustration that no actual sex had been happening, there was a sex scene with sexy sex, and that got me off.

Just as I felt I was about to orgasm, I leaned back. My cum shot over my stomach and chest, not a bit of it endangering my laptop or threatening my bedsheets. I was so pleased.

That became my ritual during the rest of the holiday. Open bedroom window (I didn't bother to close the curtains; maybe I should have, in retrospect - people see things through windows), get naked, get horny, adjust volume on laptop. Position laptop, position ILB, start up video(s), grip shaft, move hand, lean back, ejaculate over self and then panic because I forgot to get some tissue beforehand. Profit. Eventually, this developed into masturbating over other things - sex chatrooms, erotic-ish fiction-ish, porn both soft and hard downloaded, oh my!. I was 19 at the time, more virile, very keen, and I hadn't had sex for a long time at that point - so I kept on going.

And going and going and... you get the point.

Once I returned in my second year, I was in a room in a share house with much more space to stretch my legs, and crucially with a desk, so I could peacefully wank in my computer chair. In fact, I think that that was the year I possibly did so the most, but then who's counting?

Don't answer that.

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