Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Twenty Questions

"Okay, these are things you use in the house."
"Right... do you use them every day?"
"Not every day, but most days."
"Are they useful?"

"Yes, they are very useful. They are one of the most useful things."
"What are they made out of?"
"Plastic. It's not metal or wood or paper, so I'd say plastic."

"What do they look like?"
"They are an unusual shape."
"Uhm... where do you find them?"
"In the bedroom, but they are often in a cupboard, so you can't see them when you walk into the room."

"Do people get them a lot?"
"Yes, lots of people have some, and when you buy them, they come in packs of three."

"No... coathangers!"


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