Tuesday, 17 December 2013


It wasn't the most opportune of moments. We hadn't really had the best of days (we haven't had the best of months, even). Our bedsheets hadn't been changed for a while and I, on my part, haven't been able to shower any more than once every three to four days because our housemate keeps using up all the hot water. Since I started my Christmas holiday a few days ago - I get four weeks off over the festive period, which sounds nice but isn't paid, so isn't really that nice - we've taken to watching things on 4OD in the late hours, so we've ended up deprived of sleep...

...or at least with a slightly skewed body clock: waking up at about 11, complaining until about 1 and then stomping around for a while. Bedtime is whenever we feel like it, which for me is at about 12. She varies. And, yes, maybe it wasn't the best of opportunities. But at one point we had to take it. Maybe, just maybe, last night was that night.

I straddled her, knees nestled firmly on the sheets which were no longer crisp. Her back was in front of me, an empty canvas of skin (and that's the last you'll hear of a laboured 'paint' metaphor, because you can probably see where this is going!) practically begging to be exploited. I like a good back. And I knew what she wanted. She'd set a proviso, anyway. It seemed like the right thing to do in the circumstances.

I closed my right hand around my hard penis and started to stroke my shaft, pulling on my foreskin, building up the rhythm I knew so well. She was lying there before me, still as a statue, her boobs pressed against the bedcovers, the back of her head (and her hair, which is getting longer now) and her shoulders, the tops of her arms, all exposed to me, but I didn't need any of those. We had been engaged in intense teasing for a while now, and this was - shall we say - the end point.

(It ended up being the middle point. But it seemed like the end point at the time).

I continues touching myself, coaxing myself towards an end goal. I hardly made a sound, and neither did she, but when the moment came, I allowed myself a little tremor as I rocked forwards and my warm cum erupted all over her expectant back.


dazshelly69 said...

I rocked forwards and my warm cum erupted all over her expectant back.

She pushes herself up with her hands and my cum dribbles down her back and pools in that oh so sexy small of her back. Then makes its way down between her cheeks.
wow what an erotic thought.

Innocent Loverboy said...

You're not far off there, either.

While she was recovering from the experience (I was towelling off and looking for tissues), my cum was still over her back, and trickling down her sides.

I managed to catch it with the tissue and made quite a deliberate performance of making sure all the cum was cleared off her (broad strokes, careful looks at various angles) before any of it got on the sheets.

Although we changed the sheets anyway, so it wouldn't have made much of a difference. She had an orgasm later herself, too.