Wednesday, 11 December 2013


"Interesting Blog you have there."

I blinked, mostly at the fact that he'd capitalised the "B" in "Blog".

"I like to think so," I typed back. "How did you find me?"
"Just followed a link."
"What were you doing looking for sex blogs?!"

"I was looking for erotic fiction, actually."

Gay erotic fiction? I thought to myself. Well, of course, he's gay. Still, there isn't any of that here.

"I saw a photo post, and recognised you."

It kind of gives you a clue how much this guy has seen of me that he recognised me from my chest and a little bit of my chin. But then again, this is the guy I've played strip poker with. In costume. (It was his idea.) This is the guy who, after cosplay strip poker, took four photos of me completely naked (hands hiding anything particularly explicit) so I had something to send to people (I never sent it to anyone).

Although now I'm a sex blogger, naked pictures are everywhere. But back then, my innocence bordered on naïveté, and I certainly thought of what I was doing as risqué. He was, also, my only gay friend for a long time, coming out quite freely when I told him about the issue I was having with BJ. He also cuddled me, once, during sleep. But then apparently he does that to everyone - he took to bringing a teddy with him when we went camping, so he didn't cuddle anyone else. Strange guy, for sure, but ultimately very loveable.

Anyway, the conversation fizzled out after a few more lines of dialogue (although I'm still using Windows Messenger; he's using Skype, there's a bit of difficulty carrying out conversations on those different beasts). But there wasn't much more to be said, really. He found my blog - so what?

And if there's one friend who I could have guessed would find it at one point, it would be... well, 47. But if I had to guess another person, it would be this guy.

See, I'm not even fazed by this any more.


Lemon Chello said...

Everyone found your Blog about two years ago.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Everyone? Surely not all 7.13 billion people?

I've got a bigger readership than I thought!

Anonymous said...


Innocent Loverboy said...

Yeah, he is. Why?