Saturday, 30 November 2013

Flexible? Moi?

How rare.

I was nominated recently for the Versatile Blogger Award (hence, for the eagle-eyed, the button on my sidebar). Thanks go to Panty Parade for nominating me for this, an award that flies around the blogging community with alarming rapidity. Still, it's always nice to win an award.

In any case, I'm meant to do two things upon winning this: nominate fifteen blogs for the award itself, and share seven things about me.

I can't nominate fifteen blogs, so that's an amazing start. I mean, I could nominate blogs, but I'm pretty sure everyone's won it. Has Lady Pandorah won it? Blacksilk? It's difficult. I'll nominate three, on the proviso that they haven't won before (if they have, I'll think of another one):

(i) The Sex Experiment by Mr. X - it may not be overly varied in terms of theme and content, but the dares themselves are versatile. So, yeah, there's that.
(ii) Dirty Little Whispers by Emma - another one to add to her ever-growing list of accolades. Unless she's already won it. I mean, she's won everything else.
(iii) The 22nd Catch by Stu - this one, at least, is versatile, and there's more to it than it seems at first.

The second thing, however, I am able to do.

I'm meant to share seven things about me, and I've been meaning to write a post like this for ages: this is a list of seven common misconceptions about me that I need to clear up. So: seven things that are not true about Innocent Loverboy are:

1. That I'm into BD/SM, kink, polyamory, bisexuality, roleplay, or anything else loosely termed "non-standard sexual practices".
Because I'm a sex blogger. The two are not synonymous. Kink doesn't really do much for me. However...

2. That I'm anti-BD/SM, kink, polyamory, bisexuality, roleplay, or anything else loosely termed "non-standard sexual practices".
This couldn't be further than the truth. I am fascinated by, and manically in support of, anything and everything (with only a few exceptions) that people do in order to fulfil their sexual needs. I'm also quite knowledgeable about the subject, having been around the community for so long. Just because it doesn't work for me, it doesn't mean I'm against it. I mean, I can't understand football, but I'm not anti-football.

3. That I haven't been blogging for very long, aren't well-connected, or don't know a lot of bloggers.
I am, in fact, one of the longest-standing bloggers. I've been blogging since the end of 2007 and have written at least one post a week since then, often many, many more. I visit many more blogs, also, than the ones I have on my sidebar - I keep my sidebar relatively short because really long lists tend to irritate me.

4. That I don't like sex toys.
This isn't right, either. I love sex toys; a lot of my reviews are negative because sex toys don't seem to for for me. I've never had an orgasm using a sex toy, but that doesn't mean I never will. The reviews I write are honest, so if I have a bad experience, I'm going to say I had a bad one. This doesn't mean that I'm either against the production or usage of sex toys; I just don't orgasm using them, that's all.

5. That I don't like hardcore porn.
I like hardcore porn when it's done correctly - that is to say, there's a storyline and decent cinematography. I'm not interested in shots of a penis going into a vagina, or spitting (which seems to happen a lot in porn), or cumshots. I'm aware of a lot of stuff which happens during sex, and my imagination can conjure that up; I don't need to see it.
The reason I prefer soft porn is because there's some effort put into the story - there's not a lot, obviously, but what I'm interested in is who's having sex with who, and why. That's what makes sex interesting - the interaction between people. Ultimately, that's what makes something hotter for me - if I know the reason behind it other than "they're just porn actors paid to fuck on camera".
I do like hardcore porn, I just prefer it when there's a justification for the sex, and if it's not too explicit - my mind can fill in those blanks perfectly well; I want to see faces!

6. That I've had more, or less, sex than I've actually had.
I have an incredibly broad knowledge of sex and sexuality through research and interest. That doesn't mean I've had a fantastic amount of sex. I've had enough. At the time of writing, I haven't had sex for at least a week, but then, I do have a chest infection, so the exertion may kill me. But I do have sex with my girlfriend quite a lot. I did with my previous girlfriends too, and on occasion, other people. I've had sex with eight people - no more, no less (nine, if you count sexual gratification without intercourse). I haven't had sex with any of my best friends or any random hook-ups. I love sex, but these things haven't happened to me.

7. That my penis isn't very big.
Why? I do, in fact, have a larger than average penis. That doesn't really mean anything in particular, although it may go some way to explain why sex toys don't work as well on me and why I find condoms slightly constricting. It doesn't make any other difference to my sex life, really.

There are more that aren't addressed here or on my FAQs, but those are the ones that leapt to mind (apart from the seventh, which was something my girlfriend was keen to point out!). Still, this has been fun - let's do it again some time, hey?

Oh, and thank you for the flowers.

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