Monday, 28 October 2013


The storm woke me up at 5:30, and by the time 7:30 rolled around, I was ready to get out of bed, even before the first of four alarms conspired to irritate me to the point of enervation. Rising, dressing, grabbing my stuff and braving the winds to catch the bus to the nearest tube stop (not trusting National Rail to have their shit together due to the small amount of rain we're having) - it was all a small matter for me. I was energetic, and yet I hadn't quite realised it yet.

Getting to work was a breeze, and throughout the morning, I found myself possessed of a sort of manic energy: showing off to clients, bouncing banter off the administrative staff and (when required) jogging up and down stairs to collect various things other people had forgotten. It was only when I actually realised this that I began to use it to my full potential, and I was practically effervescent - even verging on cheerful - when lunchtime rolled around. And a good lunch it was, too.

Pretty surprising when it was just a random collection of stuff I found in the kitchen last night.

Anyway, the afternoon session probably wasn't as fun. But I kept going. I was in and out of my chair umpteen times and yet I still felt able to entertain, inform and co-operate, all while cracking my absolutely appalling jokes to boot. An unintentional dispute with the administrator followed, through which I held my own pretty well, I thought; I had a temporary dip on the bus ride home but still practically danced down the road to Buenos Aires from Evita.

I can do this. I am able, I am willing. And I can do this!

And how am I now? Frisky? Horny? Cheeky? Well, all three. What I'm not - or at least not yet - is tired.

The crash will come - of this I am doubtless. I'm not even sure I got any sleep last night. But it's not here yet. And while I'm still holding it off, I should very well make use of it.

I plan to.

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