Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Jilly posted recently about an article she'd read about what the first book she masturbated to was. It got her thinking, and while she wrote a post about it, I think I'd struggle to do the same thing.

Because I honestly can't remember. I didn't read a lot of erotica in the past (I don't even read much now!), and although I read all the famous sex memoirs and then some, I don't remember the first book I masturbated to, although plenty put me in the mood and I'm sure kickstarted a lot of very gratifying wanks.

I remember a few books I did masturbate to, including the third volume of the Battle Royale manga (you won't understand unless you've read it!), Fanny Hill (there's a bit about that here) and some others. It's just not a very long list. I've been turned on by various things - bits of practically every book, ranging from The Man In The Rubber Mask to Adolf Hitler: My Part In His Downfall to Catch-22 - but there's no one book I can remember wanking mercilessly over. It's just... something I don't think I've done much.

I sound like a philistine, especially when one should be aware I've spent many an hour with my penis gently encircled by my right hand in the company of soft porn to which the quality varies and my imagination, fertile as it is. May I just point out that I love the written word? There are things written down that get me going more than any visual stimulus, and in all truth, it's often at the point of climax that I have a word or phrase rattling about in my head, just to tip me over the edge.

I could show you logs of cybersex that I've been sent over the years. I could point you to various tweets that have set my imagination off. Anything that starts off a spark, an idea, a concept, all seemingly with the aim of making me cum. There's plenty there.

But as for the first blog that I masturbated to... well now, that would be telling!

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