Tuesday, 29 October 2013

TMI Tuesday: Express!

So, yes. I wanted to do TMI Tuesday this week, but the blog itself wouldn't load for me. I had to filch the questions off Hedone's own blog to get them... but filch I did. It's all about sexuality... and expressing yourself!


1. Can you tell when your lover is close to having an orgasm? How can you tell? What are the signs?

Generally, yes, I can. There are a few signs: a shudder, a noise, a "yes...", gradually increasing pressure from hands and thighs, and others. However, the most vivid memory I have of sending an impending orgasm is from one instance of giving oral sex. I felt a "spreading" sensation from the vagina to which my mouth was attached. I instinctively knew it was the female orgasm, although I'd never experienced such a feeling before. It was a good cue to keep going, though!

2. Ladies: have you ever seen your g-spot? Men: have you actually seen the g-spot?

Nope. The g-spot varies according to person, but in many cases, I find it to be deep enough inside to not see, unless you happen to be very good at contortion or have those special eyes that Superman's got.

3. Which sexual position do you find most stimulating?
a. missionary
b. woman on top, facing man
c. doggy style
d. other – tell us about it

Missionary. It's easy, simple and allows for lots of deep penetration, plus the chance to see who you're making love to. I have nothing against astride (b), doggy (c) or any other position, but this one's my favourite.

4. When you orgasm, are you:
a. silent

b. make a little noise
c. yell out!

Almost always silent, to the point of it being even a little surprising at points! This includes during sex, although I like my lover to make a little noise. Hypocrisy, me? Never.

5. A lover orgasms quickly, way before you are even close to having an orgasm. Do you stop the sex once he/she has had an orgasm or do you continue sexual play so you can orgasm too?

It depends what mood I'm in. In most situations like this, I'd bring myself off manually, so she can watch and possibly bring herself to another orgasm (nothing wrong with two). But I'm try to gauge how the mood is as well - I'm not sure there's anything wrong with more sex, even after an orgasm... unless it starts to hurt; then I'd stop!

Bonus: On average, when you masturbate how long does it take to reach orgasm?
a. Less than 3 minutes
b. 3 – 5 minutes
c. 5 – 10 minutes
d. more than 10 minutes

Usually it lasts about 20 minutes; sometimes more, sometimes less: there are a number of contributing factors, including when my last orgasm was, how horny I was beforehand and how hard I was "feeling" this orgasm (the best ones always happen when I'm totally lost in the moment). There have been a few shorter ones, obviously, but I've always - ever since my first few orgasms - taken a while over it.

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