Thursday, 10 October 2013

Sleep and Death

These wounds are all self-imposed
Life's no disaster
All roads lead onto death row
Who knows what's after?

Today is also, according to a client at work, World Day Against the Death Penalty. This is also a serious issue.

Obviously I'm 100% against the death penalty. I don't kill fleas and I wouldn't dare condone the slaughter of any living animal. A human is no exception and, because we understand human language, it's even worse. "Two wrongs don't make a right" has long been an adage and yet some countries - realistically a lot of countries - seem to be forgetting that: a fact that was driven home when Texas executed a pen-pal of my English teacher's for a murder he didn't commit. He was in his 30s.

I once saw a softcore film set on Death Row. It was absolutely hideous and the only reason I watched it was because nothing else was on and I wanted to build upon my knowledge of soft porn. Now that I think about it, I'd rather not have seen it at all. The only scene I remember is that of a condemned prisoner sucking a woman's nipple, which had been coated with a toxic poison. He was electrocuted the next morning by the same woman while in incredible pain from said poison.

What's sexy about that? Put me back on a spaceship with pleasure-focused GELFs any day.

In these troubled times with murder and corruption making them headlines, there are people calling for hanging to be brought back (it's actually still legal in Britain, for high treason or piracy in the British waters, but I doubt that's going to be put into practice). But that's folly; it's never worked and it never will. Hang Saddam Hussein, he becomes a martyr. Shoot Colonel Gaddafi, The Sun prints their least tasteful front cover yet. The death penalty doesn't work and it's not in the least humane.

That's two rather disjointed posts about issues which aren't really sexy. But they should be addressed, and if I can do so in my own small way, then I should.

And so I have.

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