Thursday, 3 October 2013

It's always the ones you least expect...

"I have never been to Africa."

I took a drink. The amount of lemon Fanta in my blood had increased exponentially since the start of the game. I'd never noticed I was so sordid. Mind you, I don't think anyone else had noticed. Everyone else was drunk.

"Everyone else is drunk," I said.
"Alex isn't," said Hannah.
"Yes he is."
"'M not drunk at all," slurred Alex. "Ah, 'm perfectly okay to... THERE'S A FLY IN THE ROOM," he finished before becoming unsonscious.
"Who's next?"

"I've never kissed anyone in this room."
"I've never had sex with anyone I met on the internet."
"I've never had sex in a bed!"
"I've never had sex in a tent."
I didn't drink, mournfully this time.

"I've never learned how to play a musical instrument."
Three drinks, one for each instrument so far. (I didn't drink twice for guitar and bass; it seemed a moot point. I also didn't drink for piano - having not actually continued playing that after my teacher made my hands hurt a lot. Robinson had the same sentiment.)

The I-have-nevers continued around the circle until they landed on Saoirse, who sat in her quiet bubble in the corner with what may well have been water in her hand. I'd rarely even heard her speak, although she'd always been nice to me. She was nice to everyone, mind you, although she seemed to be the most conservative of all of us, mostly because she kept her clothes on. Rosie was regularly naked before the end of the camp. Several times.

Often with several men.

Saoirse cleared her throat. "I have never," she whispered in a soft, musical voice, "kissed anyone without having sex with them afterwards."

There was an awed hush followed by a few nervous whoops and a sudden respect bordering on reverence towards poor, sexy, desirable Saoirse. Although nobody drank. Clearly this was too much, even for us.

"Fair enough," she rustled. And took a drink.

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