Sunday, 13 October 2013


There was a slight ripple at the curtain, and for a while, sufficient illumination appeared from behind a cloud to throw some silhouettes into sharp relief. A booted foot appeared.

"What are they doing behind there?" I enquired.
"THEY'RE HAVING SEX!" everybody shouted.

That was, of course, the standard response. I was collecting quotes and I knew enough to elicit that response. I'd written it down even before they said it. It was still gratifying to get about 25 people saying so.

As far as I'm aware, they weren't actually having sex. But it happened. It never involved me, of course. I was just a casual observer - an onlooker. I was there when we strategically shone our torches onto a tent in which it was happening. I walked into a room to find my geeky friend holding onto a pipe on the wall to stop falling over with laughter after finding two people having sex in a sleeping bag.

Maybe people's laissez-faire attitude helped a little with all the sex at these things. Nevertheless, despite what people thought went on, there wasn't as much sex as there could/should have been. It's just that... that's what one reports, because it's fun.

Here's another example. Rather than a question and answer, there's a statement.

"I'm hosting this event, along with Owen," said Anna, "who's currently having sex with Kate, so he's not here right now." There was a shout of laughter, but not really any amount of disbelief. It didn't matter to us. People had sex. Fine.

I'm seeing some of these people next weekend as we spend three days discussing sex education. It's been a good few years. I wonder if, in the intervening time, people have gotten older and less active. And if they still use strawberry condoms.

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