Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Take A Bow

I don't generally take a specific seat on the train on the merits of anyone sitting in close proximity to it. Being a Londoner, I'm not even supposed to acknowledge the fact that anyone else is on the train, the standard practice (as we all know) being to look straight forwards and pretend you don't exist.

Only there was someone who clearly didn't get that specific memo, and this was the person who attracted my attention. And so I took the seat diagonally opposite, and immediately commenced looking straight forwards and pretending I don't exist.

But my ears were abundantly aware.

"Of course he doesn't know," she part whispered, part shouted into her 'phone. "We've always been very careful, haven't we? But we need to make sure he doesn't ever suspect you."

I blinked.

"Here's an idea," continued the woman, her eyes flashing. "Why don't you come down to London for a while? Then he can meet you, and if you're friendly with him, then he won't ever suspect you... or suspect anything, right? I mean, my ex-husband didn't."

Uhm, here's an idea, I thought. If you are, as it sounds, carrying out an extramarital affair, then not bothering to keep your voice low while talking on a packed commuter train isn't the best of ideas. Just a tip. Only, perhaps wisely, I didn't choose to interfere.

I kept listening as she recounted, blow for blow, the negative points of her relationship with her ex-husband, and the boring life she had with her current husband. She also regretted the fact that whomever she was talking to (I suspect a casual male partner, although you never know) didn't live closer, as she would have more time to spend with him.

Although it sounded as if she was spending quite enough time with him from what I was overhearing.

I'm not really going anywhere with this - as she got off after a couple of stops, leaving me to wonder exactly where this was going. But as she was getting louder and louder (as well as more and more explicit), I was hard-pressed not to get off and listen a little more, just for the hell of it.

Because I like London when it's interesting.

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