Wednesday, 28 August 2013


I staggered home yesterday afternoon, swinging a big wooden stick and swaying slightly under the weight of my backpack. I'd been away all weekend filming all of one scene in a webseries (of which KW is still in absolute control, a scary prospect indeed) and hadn't made it back from Leicester in time to catch the last tube home. After a moment of indecision, fear and Croydon, Farm Boy offered me the chance to sleep on the same sofa I slept on the day before we went to Blackpool. I gratefully accepted the offer, crashed out at 2:30am, slept fitfully and then went straight to work the day afterwards, still wearing the clothes I'd worn in Leicester and quite, quite tired.

We'd been staying up late every night over the weekend. Filming didn't go quite as hoped and it took hours for anything of real substance to be done. A large amount of things had to be rewritten and, although my scene was filmed in a fair few takes over the course of a morning, I ended up holding the boom and shouting "soundspeed!" at about half past midnight while the actors in the second scene ejaculated their lines and sweated their makeup off. Not once had we had any decent sleep, including the final night (Monday), when KW saw fit to dismiss us after we had dismantled the set and climbed gratefully into Farm Boy's car. This was at about 10pm.

I fumbled my way through work, being quite successful despite the fact that I hadn't a clue what was going on, gratefully sloping home (still carrying the stick) and, in a state of near-total collapse, noticed that I was incredibly (and inexplicably) horny. And probably had been all weekend. I just hadn't noticed it.


I hastily unrolled a Skyn condom over my penis and quickly hurried back to bed, which wasn't a long journey, as the condoms were - and still are - on the bedside table. Not wanting to wait any longer (based mostly upon the fact that we'd spent a considerable amount of time winding each other up, including a fairly sizeable chunk with my head between her legs), I lay down between her legs and eased myself inside her, listening to her heavy breath as I did so. 

I don't really like condoms much, not even Skyn ones, as they tend to dull the sensation in my penis, but I could still feel her soft flesh envelop me as her body adjusted to having me inside. I couldn't wait any longer, though, and - keen to get the release that I'd realised, after a while, I so desperately needed - I started thrusting. More and more, harder and harder. Faster, faster, faster, stop. Breathe in, go again. Fast! Fast! Fast! I could see the slightly surprised look of pleasure on her face, hear the soft rhythmic slap of flesh against flesh and join in with the occasional laughs which came from her. I could feel her inside walls moulding themselves around my shape as I kept on moving. And move I did.

My orgasm came and so did I. I had surprised myself by this; this desperate, frantic and energetic sex that worked its way out of me when I'd originally assumed that I wanted a slow fuck to gently rock the stress and strain of those few days away. As it turned out, I was wrong. I wanted what we shared - hard, immediate sex with a constant urge to ramp up the speed and intensity. Giving her what she wanted - my penis deep inside her - and taking what I wanted for myself: the sensation of having my penis deep inside her.

A few more thrusts and it was over, at least until I returned from the bathroom and lay back on top of her, pressing my pulsing cock against her stomach so she could sense how sex with her made me feel. We dissolved into close naked cuddles and hair-stroking, bedtime kisses and relaxing under the soft sheets for a while before I drifted into a dreamless slumber.

I made my way back to work this morning feeling dehydrated, tired and fed up - even a little faint at points - but I knew why. I knew why and I was pleased with it. And now so do you, and I hope that you do too.

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