Tuesday, 2 July 2013

TMI Tuesday: Blankety Blank. Not involving actual blankets.

I really shouldn't be doing things like this at half past ten in the evening...

1. If my sex life were a film, it would be rated 12.

12... not 12A. Or possibly 15 if I'm being more realistic. Why so low, when I've been having actual sex? For a few reasons: one, any depiction of my sex life would be tasteful and not show anything graphic; two, I tend to write about sex in a more covert way than lots of people, even though I write about it a lot; three, there's no kink or pain involved; four, I think people should feel more open to discussing sex at a younger age!
Interesting* (*not really) bonus fact: the R18 rating appears for a split-second in the "rating" advert that pops up at Cineworld Cinemas. It's right at the top. All the other ratings are more obvious... but R18's there if you look for it.

2. I got a body for very little reason and a face for even less.

Although my eyes look okay.

3. It’s extremely sexy when a girl is a bit sarcastic, and/or pouty.

I don't like confrontations, and I don't want to argue. But I like a girl with an opinion, rather than a simpering one. And I quite like a girl to pout a little (not in the Victoria Beckham way, more in the "what, me smile?" way). And I really like sarcastic humour. Because I get that.

Okay, here's another one because you're totally not supposed to answer the question like that.

3. It’s extremely sexy when a girl looks down.

I really love the "looking down" thing. Why? Because it's beautiful. The almost-closed eyes and air of slight innocence gets me every time. I like eyelids as well. Don't ask me why. It's just something to do with the way they work.

4. Doing anything naked makes me comfortable.

Before you start calling the police, no, I'm not the sort of person who likes to come home, take all my clothes off and then throw myself onto the sofa. But I tend to be naked by bedtime, and I quite like how free it makes me feel, especially considering how my trousers and shirt are usually a bit constricting during the day. I also feel comfortable being naked around my girlfriend, which I suppose can't really be a bad thing!

5. In the morning, I am always world-weary.

I used to be a morning person when I was young. But I've grown out of that ridiculous concept now. I don't sleep much due to insomnia, and I have to get up relatively early to go to work. As much as I'd like to follow Rose's example and have a couple of orgasms in the morning before getting out of bed, I just don't have the time (unlike the young raver), even if the inclination's there... and it often is!
By the time I get onto the train, I've resigned myself to the fact I'm going to be tired all morning. And on and on the mazy dance goes.

6. I would love to make love in the tent I own.

Still not happened!
Although realistically my tent is a bit small. Still, once I shared it with a guy who I'm pretty sure had a crush on me. He also once mentioned wanking in a tent. As the camp we went on together was the first time he'd been in a tent, this leads me to the conclusion that... oh.


Roses are #FF00CC, Violets are #EE82EE, all your base are belong to me!

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