Sunday, 7 July 2013

Lazy Ho

My girlfriend and I have this thing... when we are lazy, as can be the case at times, one of us will call the other a "lazy ho". Neither of us is a ho, as far as I'm aware. I'd like to think of myself as not being lazy, either. But it happens. It's the summer, after all... and, as much as summer makes me want to flirt more, the heat can make one quite lethargic. The mornings I spend at work are now a constant battle between the heat of the sun and the cool air from the rudimentary fan I have on my desk. It's pleasant weather, for sure... but movement, to be fair, seems somewhat restricted.

Not that this means no sexual contact. Take Thursday, for example.

I was lying in bed, bathed in something that was probably sweat (although it's hard to tell in this heat). She was next to me and there was something about her position that made me want to touch her. More than usual. I'm usually touching her, but y'know, in the "holding you while you sleep" sense. But this was different. I slipped my hand between her legs. And kept it there.

At first, I don't think she realised how wet she was. But as I started to stroke, I was abundantly aware. I think she gradually became so too. She certainly ended up wet enough for me to work my finger between her lips, the ball of my hand gently massaging her vulva, feeling the familiar softness of her hair contact with the slippery, wet (although no less soft) feeling of her labia. Slipping my finger inside a little further came with the always-pleasant sensation of her inner walls contracting a little, moulding themselves around the shape of my finger.

This carried on for a while. The heat and the hand and the wetness and the legs. And the sweat and the heavy breathing. All this, and when her orgasm came, I held her in both arms as she shook and gasped in air. I kept my arms there, grinning slightly, as I felt her bring herself to a second. Bonus orgasms for my lovely girl. And I hadn't even bothered to take the duvet off.

I am a lazy ho. A sexy, naughty, crafty and very hot lazy ho.


LadyPandorah said...

Liked this! That little surprise where you don't know just how aroused your body seems to be until that hand goes searching; you describe it perfectly.

LP x

cammies on the floor said...

Amazing description. We all have lazy moments, nothing wrong with that. My husband and I have what I call "the lazy man" sex, when neither of us want to be on top, so we just have sex in a spooning position.

Innocent Loverboy said...

I've often heard of spooning being called the "lazy position", because there's not so much effort involved. But I'd have real trouble trying to get my penis into her vagina during spooning. The angle just seems impossible unless you're going for anal sex.

How do you do it?

Sam said...

'Lazy' sex can be the best sometimes...especially during hot weather! Bliss!