Saturday, 27 July 2013


Hey, couple of people who may or may not have been having sex in the park behind my house.

I've heard of our young raver losing his virginity in a local park, too. We now know it as the sex park. I've seen people like you before... both in a more obvious way and in the gathering dusk on the rolling hills of another local park. For all I know, you could be the same people. You may even not have been people... I could have just seen a very curiously-shaped bush appearing to be two people having sex. Only I don't recall a bush of any shape being actually on the path that leads around the park.

I applaud you.

It's a lovely thing to do... I assume. I intend to have sex in the very same park at some point.* And it was a lovely night, too. I was walking back home in time to catch Knightmare at 10:30pm, so it's logical that, at that time, you'd think you couldn't be seen well. You'd be right. I didn't see you well. And, since the park closes at 9:15, you'd be guaranteed a little privacy. Yes, there's a secret entrance; we all know it's there and we all know how to get in. But you actually did it.

And for that, I applaud you.

But please try not to make a noise like a dying horse again. That must be very off-putting.

* not a guarantee

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