Monday, 3 June 2013

Delicious moocher

This phrase popped into my head a few minutes ago. A "delicious moocher" - who is that? Is that me, or you? Or even someone else? I literally have no idea where those two words may have come from. They're not even used together very much, are they? Or at all, even? I may be the first person to think of that combination of adjective and noun, and what does that make me?

We all know what "delicious" means, but what is a "moocher?" Wiktionary defines it thus:

A person having a tendency to repeatedly ask help of others, especially if they are making little effort to help themselves. Usually used as a pejorative.

I will have to admit to having done this quite a lot recently, as I've been trying to sort out tax woes and job queries by the dozen. However, I'd like to hope it's not my usual state of mind! I like to take what little pride I have in being quite selfless when other people are in their hour of need - I recently spent half the night in a hospital to prove the point!

The verb "to mooch" is defined as something which was more familiar to me:

To wander around aimlessly, often causing irritation to others.

While I don't often aim to cause irritation (although I'm thoroughly aware that I do; it's not always my intention, though!), I quite like the first half of the definition. Being a wanderer. This is something I do. I will admit to having been more of a random moocher when I was single - disposed as I was towards going for long walks (often at night) apropos of very little to nothing, with no destination in mind - but now that the warm weather is fast approaching (for as short a period as it may, it's still pleasant enough), I'm finding myself with the urge to wander a lot more than has been usual in recent times...

...a particular example happening today, when I missed my stop on the train and elected to walk the long way home as opposed to waiting for a train back one station. My iPod plugged in and no particular haste hurrying my journey along, I meandered home through the sun trying not to let anything bother me. Things haven't been going particularly well since, but nevertheless, I have rediscovered, through making cups of tea and walking around the house while it's light, my urge to mooch coming back once more.

I am a delicious moocher. Come and waste time with me, and we can be delicious together.

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