Monday, 6 May 2013


I was on my knees. Not subservient to anything but my own desires... but, still, on my knees. My left hand steadied itself against one of my hips; my right was clasped firmly around the shaft of my penis. My eyes were shut tight. I knew she was there, straight ahead of me, her legs open wide, her fingers busy and the lips of her vagina glistening.

I don't know where she was. Maybe she was wholly aware of me - maybe not. I wasn't quite there. My mind was drifting; my body was, too. Every now and again I snapped my eyes open to bring myself back to earth - taking in her hair, her boobs, her mouth, skin, legs, pussy... and looking at her beautiful closed eyes. (I've got a thing about closed eyes. Trust me, it's sexy.) But I couldn't do this forever. Bringing myself to the edge was all well and good, but I wanted to orgasm. She wanted me to orgasm. There really was only one option.

It was her orgasm that did it. I didn't know it was coming until she was. She moaned, gasped and sighed as she came right in front of me. Practically in the same second, my cock pulsed and throbbed as I silently came, for the second time that night, not inside her, but over her stomach and thighs.

I was still on my knees. Praise the Lord.

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cammies on the floor said...

I love the domino effect of one orgasm bringing on the the partner's other one. Something endearing and connected about that.