Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sinful Sunday: Headless

While pondering what to put in my blog today, I was gently reminded (by myself, though) that it was Sunday, and while there are about 4,385,204 Sunday memes out there (my own notwithstanding), by far the easiest to do would be Sinful Sunday. Or so I thought.

My intention was to take a topless picture of my own body, but in the wanton scramble to remove my shirt, I realised a little too late that I'd forgotten one crucial thing... do all the buttons up on a shirt and it's impossible to lift over your head.

As you can see.

You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
You'll also notice from the radiance in the picture that my halo was trapped in there with me too... so there's no giveaway clue that it is actually me caught under there. But it was me... and it was terrifying.

It was pitch dark. Who knows what might have found me if I hadn't had the presence of mind to ask for a little help?

Sinful Sunday


Molly said...

The answer to this is clearly having someone on hand to help with the buttons and also I have learnt long ago that one should ALWAYS remove one's halo first ;)


lilmissshalla said...

*giggles madly*
i adore you

Marie Rebelle said...

Glad you got some help, otherwise you might have been stuck in there all day!

Rebel xox

cammies on the floor said...

You made me smile, love the wit. And certainly, the halo should be removed, however briefly, for dressing and undressing. Your hands make you look confused.

spacebunnykink said...

Welp, I just laughed until it was difficult to breathe. Very sinful indeed XD

Eva. St. James said...

I love this picture! and the words that go with it. Not enough humor in smut, or smut in humor, if ya ax me.

Kazi G said...

Hee! Now, you'd be all set if someone were looking for unnatural postures ;)

~Kazi xxx

Jilly said...

I love how you look like you're madly gesticulating, trying to explain something to me. Remember to take your halo off first, honey. xxx

Sati said...

I think the halo would keep the grue away. I seem to remember in one of the Zork books, Satchmoz the Incomparable used a light spell to make someone's nose glow, and it killed that grue dead.

This whole thing definitely made me giggle. Personally, I find my favourite pictures of myself are the ones where my face is hidden. Usually by big hats instead of shirts. Will we have a hat pic next? :)

Becky Whee said...

*Giggles* Such a fun image.