Monday, 29 April 2013


It's not easy to ask this sort of thing. Although I'll admit it's probably much easier to do in the sex blogging world, it seems like something of an intrusion, to just ask the question in such a blasé manner. How is your sex life? Share the intimate details with me. Tell me everything; I want to know. Depending on how much you share on your blog, I may well know already.

Personally, I think it's good to talk about your sex life. If it's a good one, you should be able to share with the world, as long as you're not boasting or shoving it in anyone else's face. If it's not so good, maybe sharing that fact will inspire likeminded people to either beef up your confidence or share their views on how to improve it. And, of course, it depends on how you yourself view your sex life. If asked a question, outright, at one point in time, how do you answer? And why?

I posed this question on Twitter recently. "How's your sex life?" I requested a one-word answer, as well... just to see how much can be conveyed through a single word. And the responses I got were as follows:

Happening. This is a fantastic answer, as it leaves a lot to the reader's imagination, and with my fertile imagination, that can be a very useful thing indeed! I think it's always good to have confirmation that a sex life is "happening", as anyone writing that clearly has their idea of how they define a "sex life" and is confident enough to say that one is occurring, even though there aren't any more details.

Brilliant. This just brings a smile to my face. Pulling no punches here, an admission (or proclamation?) that your sex life is, in fact, brilliant... well, it could be seen as boastful, but I think both thankful and contented elicit such a response. Not everyone would say this every time. But if, at one moment in time, you are able to say that your sex life is brilliant,then that's a moment to hold onto!

Infrequent. Bolstered by hashtags revealing the existence of a long-distance relationship. Having been through three of these myself - four if you count the beginning of the most recent one, although I don't - I share this pain. But, although LDRs have their down points, I think there's something to be said for waiting to see that someone special, as well as the anticipation to be experienced while travelling to see them, as well. But that's for more than "just sex". Travelling a long way for sex may be a bit excessive. But it happens. I've done it. And it's a great feeling. (TL;DR? Infrequency isn't as negative as it sounds.)

Non-existent. This is a tough one to analyse, as I'm not sure (unless you happen to be asexual) that a non-existent sex life, er, exists. One may not be having sex per se, but do you masturbate? Do you think about sex? Do you enjoy sexual imagery, have sexy thoughts, notice sexually attractive people? In my opinion, although it's not exactly the sex life you may like to be having, if you factor sex into your life in at least some way, that's a sex life. Sex is very subjective in many ways; accepting it and using what you can, when you can... and that's a pretty good one, if you ask me.

How would I define my own sex life? That's a difficult question, but I'd go for... Healthy. Why? For the reasons described above. I don't have sex much, but I have it enough times (and with increasing frequency as the summer months approach) - each time is absolutely mind-blowing. I'm sexually aware of both myself and other people, I feel free to discuss sex and engage in sexual discourse with a variety of people at little notice, and I have a huge cock with a strong knowledge of history. (Except that last one. My knowledge of history's only medium.)

So I pose the question again, gentle readers. How's your sex life? One-word answers... and explain what you mean this time!


Lusciously_Lou said...

Touche .. I was the "Non-Existant" responder but I titally agree with your summation! I guess what I meant was "Non-Existant with another person" .. but that is more than one word! :-)

Anonymous said...

I was the 'infrequent' poster. But one word isn't enough to say that although it's infrequent, I think it's worth it! Plus he's coming to London this weekend so we shall have all the delights!
I certainly appreciate it more than when we were living in the same place - the thought of getting to see him has kept me going for weeks now.