Sunday, 28 April 2013

A post-sex business proposal

Bottle me this:

A slight, almost intangible tickle hovering around the bum; not unpleasant or irritating, but a little spark that's both there and not quite there at the same time.

The feeling of pressure against the still-hard penis pressed against a warm, comfortable thigh.

The size, weight and texture of her right breast cupped in the left hand during the embrace, topped with the feeling of her nipple underneath the tip of the thumb.

The heat - the comforting heat - of her back on top of the right hand, conferring (among other things) a feeling of security, a closeness, a connection and a sense of place.

The intimacy obtained by laying the chest against her chest, feeling both bodies touch, the hearts beating together and the breathing heavy, but gentle.

Bottle me all that, and I swear to you, this time tomorrow, we'll be millionaires.

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