Friday, 8 March 2013

Eroticon Fallout V: Fiction (part two)

The final thing I want to post from Eroticon (even though it seems like years ago already!) is the short story I wrote during KD Grace's "Finessing Sex" session. People have been posting their stories over at Irregular Voice; I'll write mine out here and cross-post there when I'm done - hooray narcissism!

This is actually one of the things I'm proudest of, although it does lose something when not read out loud. One of the things I realised upon writing it was that a lot of my stuff really needs to be read aloud in order to be fully appreciated, but since I didn't attend the podcasting session...

Just kidding. Here's the story.


Even though my eyes are closed, I can almost see him. Or, at least, I know what he's doing. He's paying a lot of attention to my breasts.

I wonder if he's like this with Harriet. Maybe he does this all the time. Maybe Harriet really likes this - it's not exactly unpleasant. Maybe he's thinking of Harriet right now. It's her house; it's not impossible. Still, that doesn't really matter. They're my breasts and he's doing something to them with his mouth. I suppose that's what counts to him right now.

I like my breasts being touched. It's nice. Gentle - except not now, but he's using his teeth. A few of the boys - and one of the girls, I remember that one very clearly - liked the whole sucking licking kissing biting smacking smooching lusting thrusting thing. Ollie seems really into it, though. Were it not for what I'm doing with my pussy muscles, he may as well not have penetrated me to begin with.

Not that I'm complaining. I like this. It's interesting. It's certainly different from last night. Except that was a different boy.

There's a noise like something out of a Mario game and Ollie surfaces. My nipple's rock hard. He looks curious - a little like an excited goldfish.

"I love you, Louise," he whispers.

Oh. Didn't see that one coming. Now what do I do?

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