Monday, 18 February 2013


Bereft (somewhat) of things to write over the past few days, I took to Twitter this morning to ask my nearest and dearest if they had any ideas of things I could write about. Due to the immense amounts of stress that have been floating around recently, I would have preferred something slightly more  upbeat. The Lady came up with the rather ingenious idea of identifying, and reporting upon, small aspects of the whole "moving in together" thing.

The exact wording was:

The nice little things you notice about living with someone / moving in together.

I will admit this rings alarm bells. Why? Well, it brings back... memories. In the sixth form, one of my well-meaning friends discovered her computer and started sending e-mails. Because I used to send her messages like "crying with bitter sadness", she decided to cheer me up by sending me e-mails titled such things as "THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE", wherein she listed things which cheered her up, such as: "MY BOYFRIEND SIMON, BECAUSE HE IS SO LOVING AND CARING FOR ME". I wouldn't have minded so much, but she was shouting, and I found her e-mail just a little too self-satisfied for my tastes. In a bad mood, I sent one back, laden with sarcasm.

She didn't get it, and sent an angry e-mail back, including such witty gibes as "PAGANS DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD". This was the beginning of something of a rift between us, and things have never been the same. Eventually she married Simon, had two ridiculously-named children and now lives in a small flat around the corner from where we are now. I'm a little scared about this.

Nevertheless, I shall now pick out a few of the nice little things that I've noticed about living together. As for moving out of one's parental home into a rent-controlled room, well, we shall see. It's two days in and I'm not dead yet.

  • Cuddles. There are few things a warm hug can't solve, and at my loneliest of moments when I've been in bed, all I've wanted is someone to hold. Sometimes, even Oxford can't fulfil this need.
    When you get into bed with a lovely warm girlfriend, however...
  • Excitement. I quite like my job, and although it does occasionally stretch into unsociable hours, I do often finish just after lunchtime... and there's nothing quite like the stimulus to go home when you know there's somebody waiting at home for you. My journey home often takes about an hour, maybe a little more door-to-door, so it's a sizeable chunk of time which is actually pretty good for London. But I know who I'm coming home to. And that keeps me going.
  • Haute cuisine. Only not quite. But one of the things I've always liked about living more independently (and this is judging from three years at uni, first time around, so perhaps not the best judge of this) is the opportunity to cook more. I like cooking. I like eating what I've prepared. I even get a nutty sense of accomplishment washing up immediately afterwards. It's not all pasta, either. (Well, it is, but only so far. I can do other things, honest.)
  • Entertainment. This probably doesn't apply to everyone living together. But the cinema is just around the corner from us now, and one of the many reasons I can't afford the rent is the fact that we both have Cineworld Unlimited cards. We wouldn't have seen Warm Bodies today without those facts in combination.
  • Kisses. For obvious reasons, although as with cuddles, this is a more intimate moment shared. We can't kiss in a room that contains somebody else. Not that any of these rooms contain anyone else. I think the only time we've seen anyone else who lives here is upon them exiting the house at the same time as we enter. Is that a bad sign? ... I don't know.
  • No parents. Not that I've got rubbish parents. And, for all their faults, I quite like my dad. But my mother... well, she is a different story. And it's worth all the stress involved moving out for the simple fact that she isn't continually asking me if I'm out of bed every morning as if my three alarms don't do the job properly.
  • Nudity. Just because.
That's a sizeable list. It's a start, at least. And as for THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE... well, there are some of them in this tiny room with us.

I miss my cat, though.

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