Sunday, 3 February 2013

>format EM:

I went to Erotic Meet last night. Okay, that's not particularly unusual; I've been going for a year, and accordingly have never actually missed one. I still manage to feel, after every Erotic Meet, that I'm missing out on something somewhere along the way.

Wow, paranoia.

Yesterday's was a new format, though. After walking through the Waterloo area, an activity punctuated by my girlfriend seemingly overexcited by things I've seen 4 bzillion times before, such as the OXO Tower and the IMAX, we arrived at the new venue, and then waited for an inordinately long amount of time before ordering food. We then (eventually) ate the expensive food while sitting around a long table before descending into sexual discourse.

And talking about dislikeable celebrities, but eventually we got back into talking about wax play.

Sound familiar?

I am aware that it was an entirely new format - including more food than previous instalments in the saga (although I missed the Stroopwafels that Rose brought with her last time!) - but it had some much better points, which consisted of:
  • It was quiet 
Okay, that's one point. But it does make all the difference, especially at an event like Erotic Meet, the purpose of which being to discuss erotic creativity with other... people. At the Green Carnation, the dancing was fun and the staff were friendly, but it was incredibly loud and the one way you could get your message across to someone usually involved yelling into their ear. The fact that we managed to escape for a much calmer snack last time around is testament to that unfortunate quality.

Here, we actually got to talk.

The one thing that I missed about this format of the Erotic Meet was the performances. I liked the performances, even if I wasn't doing anything; they provided a centrepiece to the whole event - a divider between the opening milling about and the closing milling about. I'm not sure more extreme performances would have been appropriate (or allowed!) at the new venue, but I certainly think that a few poetry readings wouldn't have gone amiss - maybe something more similar to to earlier Erotic Meets that I attended one year ago.

Lack of a microphone may not help though.

So, all in all, I enjoyed the new format. I do miss the performances and the food (although delicious) may be a little too expensive (£45 for two meals - even with a discount voucher!), but I like the opportunity to be able to chat - even if it's about how fascinating wax candles are - and it does bring back good CCK-related memories, even if those days may be over. It may take me a few goes to get used to it...

...but it's still an opportunity to keep up with the community. And for that, I am grateful.

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