Friday, 8 February 2013

Eroticon 2013: Meet, Greet, 1337


With only three weeks to go, Eroticon 2013 is just around the corner, as long as you accept that time has corners. I'm convinced it doesn't, but what do I know? I don't know much about time (outside of what I could learn from watching Doctor Who, anyway).

I'm pretty sure I did something like this last year, as a precursor to the last time I attended Eroticon. This year, there appears to be more at stake. I had to read the schedule, anyway, and I appear to have been the last person on the planet to have done so.

Feast your eyes on this lot!


Innocent Loverboy (ILB)

Twitter ID:


Must attend Eroticon 2013 session:
All the sex education ones, because I'm into sex education, yo. Also Molly's sex blogging session, because of obvious reasons, and the Sex and the Media panel. As I loved it last time and everything.

Bloggers you’d like to be trapped in the lift with:
My very own Jillian Boyd,
Blacksilk, Lady Pandorah, and Rose Monrou. Why? Because we are a gang, innit. I'll add Emma Whispers to that list, as well - because I've never actually met her, and being stuck in a lift might be the only chance we get to talk.
Oh, and before you ask... no, the fact that they're all girls has nothing to do with it. Well, not much, anyway.

Erotic writer you’d like to write or dramatise your life story:
This is a difficult one because I've never actually read any erotic fiction that really captures how ridiculous my life actually has been. I'll say myself... because, if such an adaptation were to be made, I'd have to write it! Terrible answer, but then again, I'm a terrible person.

Expected biggest fangirl / fanboy moment:
Everyone meeting me. I don't think they will be able to handle the moment.

What keeps you awake at nights?
Weariness, despair, the bitter pill of self-delusion, and When I Grow Up from the Matilda musical. Not that it's playing anywhere outside my head... but it's irritating, because I don't even know all the words... yet.

Interested? I know I am. See who else is coming to Eroticon 2013. Go on, I dare you.


Harper Eliot said...

I have to ask, ILB, how ridiculous HAS your life been?! Colour me intrigued…

Innocent Loverboy said...

You'd be surprised. I've had a ridiculous life since I was born - not a bad life, just ridiculous, in various ways.

These last few weeks have been ridiculously stressful, although the levels of ridiculosity have to be considered in relative terms to other things that may or may not have been happening.

Anonymous said...

*giggles* Sounds like we need a gang name now! ;)

Innocent Loverboy said...

I'll leave you to think of a gang name, my dear - although I think "JBILLSPREWL" works quite well!