Saturday, 2 February 2013


Afflicted as I am with body issues and almost total lack of self-esteem brought on by being in close proximity to my mother (seriously, she's got me doubting my own existence by now), I do occasionally feel that I have been sorely lacking in airs and social graces recently, mostly because my opportunity to be social has been... well, like air, really: invisible.

So I, of all people, am pleased that this weekend recalls the opportunity for me to go and ILB in a public setting, not once, but twice (originally three times, which would have been more impressive to write) - after a week of working harder than I probably should have been, this is a reward... of a sort. Would be more of a reward if it wasn't hurting my stomach so much.

Anyway, I'll stop complaining.

Last night I fetched up at Sh! in order to for viewings of photographs with referring to Molly taken. The first large-size photograph I saw, that of Molly topless in a field of sunflowers, I recognised instantly, cementing both the theme of the evening and the fact that I spend far too much time looking at blogs. I was, of course, accompanied by Jilly, and not long after we entered, Silver turned up. As a triumvirate (I would have put "threesome", but [insert end of joke here]), we walked around the small store, looking at the pretty things on display.

Oh, and Molly's photos. We looked at those too.

After a couple of hours consisting mostly of being shocked at how hard some sex toys can vibrate, watching Jilly attempt to spank Silver using a fake hand on a stick (it's one of those 'had-to-be-there' moments), trying to decide which photo would be suitable to show your parents (all in all a hard task, but it was our consensus that an explicit vagina shot may not, alas, qualify) and lusting after Liquid Silk, we were (gently) turfed out by the Sh! Girlz and left to our own devices.

By which I mean we followed DomSigns around for a bit before piling into a burger place (which we got into really easily; I assumed Molly had flashed her "I'm a sex blogger" card, but allegedly that neither works nor exists). Four hours after arguing with my former boss about how much money I'd been earning (it's not a lot) and I'm sitting at a table with Jilly, Harper, Molly, Mike, Friday-AM, Ruby Goodnight, and Captain Teflon, among others, having discourse about sexual politics, IRL blogging events and... er... pickles.

My life is really bizarre sometimes.

Anyway, this morning we have cleaned the house, and it's a bright afternoon. I'll be preparing to head out to Erotic meet later on today, to provide a continuation to the festivities.

Wonder if I can get some orgasms in before then?

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Molly said...

Aww thanks for the mention and for coming along and supporting me. I am sorry I missed the Jilly/Silver spanking moment though!