Saturday, 12 January 2013

The truth is I never left you

I tweeted from my BlackBerry the other day while sitting in a McDonald's at 8:30am. As we can probably imagine, McDonald's is not my natural habitat, but nobody had turned up to open the front door to my workplace (I don't have a key), so there I was, lollygagging about in a fast food restaurant. The tweet was of the utmost importance.

I had to decide which song to warm up with - and I had two choices. Oh! What a Circus! from "Evita"... or Vienna, by Ultravox.


I do like to warm up with a song, especially if I have a little room of my own to do it in. Even if I don't, before anyone else comes in, it always seems a good idea to sing a little. It both helps my voice limber up and staves off the blues (unless I'm singing blues)... and, if it does turn out I'm actually in The Truman Show, it entertains the viewers a little. I can't really sing that well, of course, but when you're on your own, does that matter?

Neither song is new to me - although I've had phases of singing other things. I used to entertain myself by rapping Gold Digger while doing the manual labour aspect of one of my past jobs. Safety Dance has been a good standby, as has Sing! from "A Chorus Line", Songs of Love by TDC, a multitude of comedy songs from different artists, and anything that's been featured on Glee. But here, it was one of two songs... and I needed to know.

Vienna is always a good candidate because it's got a strong range and it's fun to sing. I used to, in yet another of my past jobs, walk around in a circle singing Vienna to myself in not a quet enough voice - some of my clients heard once, but they didn't join in. Which is a shame. I also once drew a picture of a bear singing it, and wrote a version for Jude Law to sing: "She means nothing to me, oh, Sienna." But then again, I've liked musical theatre for a longer period of time than Ultravox, and "Evita" songs do also seem like an obvious choice. I once sang the whole entire musical when I was on my own in a sports hall...

I was at university. We had a big sports hall; I was playing table-tennis in it with a friend of mine who had to skip out for something or another, and I was left alone in this massive empty space without anyone else. So I sang "Evita" - which seems like the obvious thing to do, if you happen to be me. And I know all the lyrics. True.

A few results of the tweet came back - and everyone plumped for Oh! What a Circus!. A fine choice. And so, once I'd gotten inside, got all my stuff together and ascertained that there was nobody else in the room, I sang the entirely of Oh! What a Circus! before bracing myself to face the clients of the day. It was a very special moment.

Of course, I now need a song for next week, and as On This Night of a Thousand Stars isn't really my style, I'm open to any and all new suggestions. Any volunteers to duet with me on Telephone? I'm sure we'd rock the house to its knees.

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