Thursday, 24 January 2013


A few things that happened to me this morning:
  • My next-door neighbour trapped his finger in his front door this morning while leaving for work. I happened to me in my mother's car at the time (we were also leaving for work). He must have done something serious to his hand, as he started screaming and swearing at the top of his voice, and I've never heard him done so (he has two small children). It put me on edge all morning.
  • The place I work is relatively near to a McDonald's and, although I rarely buy food from there, it's early enough for them not to complain if you go and loiter for a while. I usually go and sit downstairs on one of the tables, occasionally with a coffee but usually nothing except my 'phone, and wait until the admin staff unlock the front door to work. Today I was sitting in close proximity to two good-looking blonde girls who, to be fair, did look like they had only just stopped going on the lash. Their conversations took in all and sundry, but mostly hovered around the topic of having sex with other girls' boyfriends, their boyfriends having sex with other girls, and... er... Kelly Brook. This, for some reason, put me a little more on edge.
  • Mellie tweeted a few times around this point concerning her living in Tokyo for a while. It immediately made me want to either go there or escape London. Then I remembered that I wouldn't survive in Japan for very long, and reconsidered. (I have these thoughts about once every hour, so it's nothing unusual - this just had a stimulus.)
  • At one point I tried to explain the concept of polyamory to a group of clients. I can't recall exactly how this topic of conversation started, but it took me a while to explain. I'm not entirely sure all of them got it. I could see one of them was itching to ask a question, so I headed him off with, "but it's not for me!" - which would have saved a lot more questions. I'm not about to out myself to clients - there may not be any worse ideas in the world.
  • I just did an item for work which involves the All Your Base meme. This, of course, means that today is officially awesome. For great justice !!

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