Saturday, 19 January 2013

It's gone too far...

You may remember, if you cast your minds back,to a kind of resolution I made just before the new year to give more oral sex. Oral sex, as I'm sure you'll understand, is a very important thing for me, and although Vix put it more eloquently than I think I ever could, I am certainly something of an enthusiast, which is why I took to the task last night with a certain level of zeal and enthusiasm slightly unbecoming of an ILB.

It happened relatively late at night (at least it was late when it finished - it started considerably earlier). The person I was performing oral sex on - my hot, lusty and surprisingly flexible girlfriend - was perching on the edge of my bed, her legs splayed, and I had taken it on myself to kneel before her - like a saint in praise of the glory to be beheld - in order to deliver. (This was, in fact, my idea; one of the things that I really strive for during a licking is the sexual equivalent of an "access all areas" pass... and this was the best way I could think of. It worked.)

I did all I could to the sound of her slightly muted wriggles and gasps. I traced circles, zig-zags and laps up and down her slit. I placed the flat of my tongue directly on her clitoris. I slid it inside her vagina and turned it around and around, feeling how wet she was. I stayed in one place for a while, doing repeated small licks with the very tip, before moving all the way up, down, and back up again. I built up a plan in my head, mentally visualising the place I wanted my tongue to go next, and then moving it there, taking care to stimulate all I could along the way.

And when I wanted a break, I stopped to catch my breath, re-assessed the situation, and then went back into the fray, her thighs being very accommodating mistresses for my head. I even gently cleaned her up with a damp cloth once I'd finished up.

However, I think something that I need to work on, when it comes to the sexual art of licking out, is knowing when to stop. When it's clear that she's enjoying it - and especially if you (that is to say, I) are also enjoying it (and trust me, I was), it's sometimes (read: always) difficult to gauge exactly how far you want to go... especially if, after a while, an orgasm isn't forthcoming and it's probably obvious to the extraneous viewer that you need to do something else in order to, to use the common parlance, switch it up, yo. We don't go in for voyeurism (to our knowledge...), and so, blissfully unaware of the consequences, I carried on regardless, perhaps slightly further than I had intended.

I was, in fact, keeping her on the edge for about half an hour. By the time I'd finished, she was in an unusual state... in fact, at some points she was nearly catatonic. It wasn't, as I gather, unpleasant... but it wasn't exactly the state I'd have preferred her to be in, expecting as I was a post-orgasmic haze. Something approaching delirium wasn't altogether what I had anticipated, although aftercare (cuddles, kisses and water) was nice and easy. I do that, too.

But for all that, and although it was a slightly unnerving ending to a great evening, I enjoyed doing this. I love exploring my girlfriend's body - it's not something I'm totally used to yet, and there's always more to discover, touch, kiss, and in last night's case, lick. And without exploration, how would you get anywhere, I ask you?

I may have used too many commas in this post. Another example, perhaps, of a little too much.

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