Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Blog Hop

This odd meme has been hopping blogs for a while and I've come under its command after being ceded control by Rhye. The idea is to ask yourself questions, answer them and then hop the meme onto somebody else. Sounds simple, no?

No? Well, I'll try it anyway. I've got half an hour to do so, so let's see what questions I can come up with...

Why is your blog named Innocent Loverboy?
It's a self-titled blog. My username/pseudonym, Innocent Loverboy, is - as you may know by now - both ironic and truthful in equal measure, although to be honest I first used it to describe a character in Battle Royale! The reason I went with 'ILB' to begin with was both to reflect the whole "love" element of my personality, give myself an adjective (innocent) to associate myself with, be able to abbreviate when possible, and to catch the eye on blogrolls! I think that worked perfectly.
I didn't think up a title for this blog, mostly because I didn't want to bother thinking of one. To be honest, I like it as it is. A kind of WYSIWYG title, almost.

Where does your life stand at the moment?
On a crossroads, with me unsure as to which direction to take. At the moment, I'm living in a nice house in North London with my parents, girlfriend, and cat. I work in Central London in a low-paying job which I sort of enjoy; my girlfriend is a writer and usually stays at home.
My mother has Parkinson's disease and thus my parents are planning to uproot from the family home and move into a house without stairs to assist her mobility. This plan doesn't really factor in what's going to happen to Jilly and I (or even Willow), and therefore the plan's to move out, the most likely destination to be to a warehouse community somewhere in North London (my sister's boyfriend administrates some). 
At the moment, we can't afford to do this; if the move comes and we don't have a place to go, then I have somewhere temporary in mind, but at the moment, with no disposable income and a lot of possessions that need storage space, staying in the same place for as long as we can seems a good idea to me!

What labels to you apply to yourself, especially with regard to politics?
I don't really do "labels", as such, but if you want to put me in any of those boxes, my moral/ethical standpoints include: pacifist, vegetarian, socialist, ecologist, left-winger, Christian, sex-positive, activist, anti-capitalist, anti-arms trade, pro-European, non-patriot and pro-free speech... among lots of others. You can probably place me somewhere along the political spectrum if you really have to do that.

Where else can I find you?

You can actually find me in lots of corners of the Internet, but as I don't always write as 'ILB', there's always a chance you'll be reading me and not actually know it's me! I do have another main pseudonym I use for a lot of my other writing, as well as having a few hobbies which include, but aren't limited to, music, stand-up comedy, musical stand-up comedy and acting. At work, I use my real name, obviously.
As ILB, you can find me in real life at several sex-blogger-related events, namely the bi-monthly networking Erotic Meets (where you'll occasionally find me speaking) and the annual conference Eroticon. I also go, occasionally, to the monthly "alternative Christian" meetup called Spiritual Space. The first event I started attending was the monthly CCK meet-up, which was more a cross between dinner with friends and a munch! Sadly, these don't happen any more.
My writing as ILB elsewhere isn't common, but whenever I do write something for other sites, I will link it here.

And that's all we've got time for, so that ends this blog hop. I'm actually passing this along to Shalla. Why? Because I'm totally aware that girl can't resist a chance to talk about herself!


Anonymous said...

*high five* I see our political leanings are very similar :)

Innocent Loverboy said...

Something else we have in common, I see! Mind you, I'd guessed that may be the case...