Saturday, 1 December 2012

Midnight Review

I don't function too well having had an incredibly long lie-in during the morning, which is probably why I've been bumbling about for the past few days (barring yesterday, during which I had an job interview during the day. It was a really good job, so I'm assuming I didn't get it). I've been blessed with girlfriend for most of the week, so it's been difficult getting up and out of bed when there's someone there to cuddle. But that's what unemployment's for...? Right...?

Anyway, this lack-of-normal-timetables thing has resulted, more often than not, in us being up until midnight. We did, admittedly, do this deliberately last week to watch this, but since then, I've managed to get my TV fully working again. This is the TV that's in my room, bought for £40 from ASDA several years ago - well, I say several, it's about nine - which, during its lifetime, has been a screen for a Nintendo GameCube, an N64 and a SNES, as well as being a screen on which to view VHSs (including all the Star Wars films back-to-back, and all the Pokémons too), a way to show various people what Knightmare looks like, and a vehicle for watching Babestation. It's very rarely actually been used as a TV - television is an activity I rarely indulge in, and on the rare occasion that I do watch something, it's usually with the rest of my family, and there's a bigger and better one in the lounge downstairs.

But my girlfriend loves TV (although I don't envy her preferred choice of programming), so I spent a while rummaging around under my bed (and in my attic) to root out a combination of Freeview box and aerial that worked. This took a while, and by a while, I mean a day. As a result of this, I get to sit at my computer failing to look for jobs while the theme tune to Come Dine With Me plays incessantly in the background.

Wow, my life's amazing.

Anyway, since More4 has taken to showing a series of sex documentaries for a couple of weeks, that's what we've been doing every night. Seriously. We've been sitting up in bed, holding whispered conversations, watching documentaries about sex.


The problem with the More4 sex documentaries - with the exception of the Fifty Shades one, which is actually quite good - is that they're incredibly confusing. 50 years of Bad Sex focuses on the Carry On films, ABBA, Baywatch and SATC - with very little actual discussion of sex; it seems to be a way to use up a load of archive footage, cunningly disguised as a documentary. More Sex Please, We're British is very entertaining, mostly due to the people involved, but could frankly be better than it is - I'm not sure entirely how, but it makes me feel like there's something missing - and the other one we managed to miss, which is a shame, because it sounds hilarious.

Another problem is that they're all repeats. The first time these are shown, they're seen as revolutionary - although they aren't - because the OMG U GUYZ SEKS ON TV!!!!!11 factor doesn't really ever go away, even if you happen to have been writing a sex blog since 2007 and actually want moar sex on TV. Being shown again isn't really going to break any boundaries. I'm sure we'd all appreciate frank discussion of sex, and the wraparound with Anna Richardson asking oh-so-risqué questions doesn't really add much of that...

...but, having said that, I have been enjoying them. I've actually been looking forward to watching them, and am a little bit disappointed that they're over. Why? Well, it's a good communal activity - considering that the commune consists of two people and a soft toy rabbit. And, to be fair, nowhere else is showing such documentaries (Sexcetera doesn't count). I just think there should be more, up-to-date, "here and now" ones being made. Obviously, I have no idea whatsoever about the amount of effort that goes into producing one of these, but re-presenting one from years ago with a fancy title and a wraparound of about a minute and a half seems... well, a bit lazy.

But, hey, it's More4. They're not going to show original programming.

And holding hands until midnight is very nice.

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