Sunday, 23 December 2012

FAQ VI (of a sort...)

It's now been over five years since I started this blog and, as is the norm at this time of year, I've been revising any frequently asked questions one may have upon chancing across my blog the first time. My previous five FAQs do answer some questions, and any NSFAQs... well, we have Formspring for that.

Rather than running through all the questions again I'll make it simple, and just update you as to where I am at this moment in time:
  • I'm Innocent Loverboy, or usually just "ILB". I'm 27 years old, and my birthday's in March. I have blue eyes, black hair and some other bits that suggest I'm almost human. I have a high IQ, but I tend to let my heart do the thinking for me. I like sherbet lemons and tea.
  • This is a sex blog, or if you're my dad, this is a lifestyle blog. If you're my mum, I don't have a blog at all. Throughout my life I've been fascinated by love, sex and relationships and how they work. My focus generally is love, not sex, although a combination of the two is always appreciated.
  • I love to have sex and I am a giver in bed. I like giving oral sex, getting back rubs and making girls orgasm. I like to masturbate too. Unlike a lot of sex bloggers, I'm not very kinky and don't really go for fetishes or dirty fantasies. I'm into vanilla sex and it's always been good so far. I don't like sex toys, mostly on account of the fact that they don't work for me, although you will find the odd review on this blog. I love softcore, considering it an under-appreciated art form, and the written word turns me on more than any visual stimulus.
  • I live in North London with my mother, father, girlfriend and cat. This house has the curiously My Family-esque tradition of having people stay around for a transient period of time. My grandmother, sister, sister's best friend and second-cousin have all lived here at some point, but now there are only four of us humans - plus my lovely, long-suffering tortoiseshell, Willow.
  • I don't have a job at the moment although I've been trained for several. I've had a very unlucky year with employment throughout 2012. Extracurricular activities include writing and performing musical comedy.
  • I'm a socialist, environmentalist, pacifist, vegetarian and liberal Christian. I'm an activist for The Green Party and advocate of free speech and freedom of expression. I have anti-censorship, anti-capitalism and anti-arms trade views. I think Britain should have joined the Euro and that that would have had a massive positive effect on the Eurozone crisis. I don't often get political on this blog, but if I do you can pretty obviously tell what my bias is.
  • I have a lot of friends, from a number of groups, but the ones I hang out with most are a combination of old schoolfriends and those that used to go to Woodcraft Folk together. They all have their names on the blog. 47, my closest friend, is not part of that group - I met him through the James community. My oldest friend is Robinson; my closest female friend is H. My girlfriend is the sex writer Jillian Boyd.
  • I'm also a member of several online communities, none of which I particularly expand on here much... apart from the sex blogging community, which (due to events) has grown exponentially over the past few years. I have a lot of friends within the sex blogging community, the oldest being Blacksilk and Lady P.
Anything else can be asked in the comments or found in the previous five FAQs. Here's to another year of blogging... and, you know, I have a feeling this one is going to be an interesting year, too...


Ladypandorah said...

Happy fifth bloggiversary! Warmest wishes for a fabulous 2013, my dear ILB.

LP x

Innocent Loverboy said...

And the same for you, Lady. x