Thursday, 27 December 2012

Back in business!

So, er, you wouldn't think I write blog posts, would you? It's not been the ideal week to do so, what with the insane business that comes with the 18 people we have attending one of my family Christmasses all demanding moar food, plus the other events that happen around this time of year. Friends that I almost forgot I had crawling out of the woodwork demand my attention to see all the films out this Christmas, eat a monstrosity of a dinner with them, or be unintentionally racist during a party game (it's a long story)... and, of course, I comply, throwing myself wholeheartedly into the festivities, dragging my long-suffering girlfriend along with me.

Not that there are just festivities to deal with. No, that'd be far too easy - where's the challenge there? I had an almost-complete redesign of a room to get through, that being made slightly more complicated by the presence of a wire rack, which suddenly materialised in the middle of said room (which we quickly requisitioned and are now using as a bookcase. Sneaky buggers.). That and a pile of laundry approximately the size of Nebraska, which the Hotpoint is being incredibly valiant in tackling but keeps building up. Add the fact that my girlfriend is coming down with something resembling the plague, both the aforementioned lounge and my own bedroom are still in a constant state of flux, I'm nearing £300 in debt and the slight niggle that we haven't had the necessary energy to have sex for a while, and that all puts the fact that I got Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes #318 for Christmas into context a little starker than I'd like.

Then comes the gratification. I wake up this morning to warm croissants. I enjoy my girlfriend's company as we walk into town. Red Dwarf box sets are £10. QI is on Dave as we get back. Upon Jilly deciding she needs to take a nap (for she is infirm), I return to my room and survey my domain.

It's clean. It's tidy. It's warm with the aid of a convection heater. And it's quiet, despite all my parents' efforts to the contrary. My head is still pounding and I crave chocolate. But I make a cup of tea, take some deep calming breaths... and sit down. I turn my computer on and watch the screen flicker into life, waiting for me to write something.


IL as it used to B. And after all my exertion getting things into order, long may it remain so.

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