Wednesday, 28 November 2012

TMI Tuesday: Remember my name...

I'm aware it's Wednesday, but I couldn't keep my hands off this one. I can't say I've ever had sex with anyone famous... but I've met a lot of people who have. By which I essentially mean I've met famous people. I've been in films, y'know.

So, a slightly late TMI Tuesday. On a Wednesday.

1. Have you ever had sex with someone famous or who later became famous, if only locally?

I don't think so... although I did have to think about that one. I've had sex with three people from the sex blogging world, so maybe not famous, but well-known in one community.
I had sexual contact (although not full sex) with someone who's quite well-known in her local area, but only for being her... not exactly a celebrity exactly, but if you live in her city I think there's a chance you'll know her.

2. In the spirit of Six Degrees of Separation, have you had sex with someone who had sex with someone who had sex with someone who ... someone famous?

Again, I don't think so. I've given romantic/sexual counselling/advice to a friend of mine who slept with Johnny Borrell, but that's not exactly sex, is it?
To be honest, I genuinely don't know. I've had sex with a few people whose sexual pasts or futures I'm not sure about (and don't particularly want to know) - although if there's any likelihood, it'll've been via TD's bready friend, who she had sex with before me. Why? Because he's been... active, apparently.

3. In the opposite direction, have you had sex with someone whose name you didn’t know?

No. Although there's nothing to suggest that one or two of them may have given me a fake name. But I doubt it.

4. Someone whose name you knew then but have forgotten?

Nope. However, bear in mind that I've given all of them a fake name for this blog (apart from those who came with one ready-made via their own blogs!), and I have trouble remembering those. But I wouldn't be so blasé as to readily admit to forgetting someone's name! What am I, the aforementioned beardy friend of TD's?

5. Someone who you suspect may have forgotten you?

Yes. I think Lily from Croydon may have forgotten me.

Bonus: Someone you wish you could forget?

Nope. I've had bad sex, sure, but I think everyone who's deigned to have sex with me has contributed to my sexual development in some way, and whatever part having sex with them has had to play has been an important part of that. So I don't think forgetting anything would really help.

Plus, I've had a lot of amazing sexual experiences!

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