Friday, 9 November 2012

Healthcare Assistant

Nobody enjoys being ill. Some people it seems to affect more than others. I get colds and stuff quite a lot (because I'm weeeeeeeak!), but I'm able to get through them if I really try - and get through them I will; on one memorable occasion I was about to go on stage to act in a serious play and my voice came out as somewhere between a croak and a wheeze. I went on and pushed the words out by breathing straight from the diaphragm. I did the whole play in a deep baritone and it worked as well as could be expected - I even sang the song I was meant to sing - but went to bed that evening feeling as if I'd never speak again.

But I digress. It's not me who's ill.

My girlfriend isn't well. I won't go into the logistics of it, suffice to say she isn't dying: she's just not well. It's something that can be effectively cured by paracetamol, bed rest and large amounts of orange juice, and thus I'm on healthcare duty. I volunteered for this, of course, to the extent that she is, in fact, on bed rest in my bed and hasn't been home for a while. Considering how she's sharing a room in her house, and the only visitor to my room is a cat, I think I'm qualified in saying that I'm perfectly confident in the knowledge that she's making a quick recovery here. Not that we've been having sex, exactly; this is a testament to the strength of love without sex (excuse me while I make another tally mark in my book). I'm just hoping she ends up perfectly healthy and mobile again.

It's good for me, too. I don't really get off on the holier-than-thou attitude that I could dredge up from taking care of her - even though watching someone sleep isn't exactly difficult - but I do like to feel as if I'm doing something useful. And to be fair, being useful is something I'm doing. It's not as if I have much else to do (I came online when she went to sleep, and after half an hour I started playing Superfrog and have only just stopped doing so), but in a way I'm spending more time with my girlfriend, and that's the best use of my days, in my opinion, so it's all good.

May not be the best reason for waking up to find a naked girl sitting up in bed next to you. But it's always nice to get that feeling of skin - and to dispense cuddles when you know they're doing exactly what they're designed to do.

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