Thursday, 4 October 2012


On account of the fact that it's National Poetry Day, and also in celebration of the fact that I've finished my cue-sheets for tomorrow's Erotic Meet comedy night thingy, I present here a poem. Original!

This is, in fact, the first poem I ever read at Erotic Meet, back at my first Erotic Meet in February!. It was designed to be a nice little antidote to the stories about getting hit with stuff. People laughed, and apparently I'm funny now. 

Who knew?

I could tell you stories, I could tell you tales,
But instead I shall introduce me.
See - I write a sex blog, and that's what I do,
And I do it - well - incessantly.

The girls? They all like me; they think that I'm cute,
But none of them think that I'm hot.
And there is a very good reason for that,
For put very simply - I'm not!

See, I've got these weird bits:
My face is a mess,
My beard is pathetic,
Don't know how to dress...

I'm a terrible flirt,
I will never be cool,
I can't dance, I can't sing,
Never dated at school...

I'll never be ripped or be strong or athletic,
And I know that I'll never be fit.
But I write a sex blog. And that makes me "interesting".
You want an achievement? That's it!

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Anonymous said...

Do you mean all that?